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Covid and anxiety

Hi all, I am curious as to whether anyone has had Covid and how they handled their anxiety symptoms. For myself, I tested positive this am having felt a bit crummy yesterday. For what it’s worth mentioning I am vaccinated and boosted x1 minus the newest one as I not qualify for it until recently due to age (38). I am also taking as of tonight paxlovid and I did read it can counteract with one of the medications I am taking (Klonopin). Has anyone experienced any issues with taking both? Anyways, it’s hard to separate some symptoms from what is Covid minus a bit of a sore throat which I don’t get from anxiety lol. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. Thank you everyone.
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To answer my own question, I stopped the paxlavoid due to massive nausea and vomiting. It was pretty bad. However, I found out that you have to separate all your benzo doses from this medication which made everything even worse. I do suggest people take the paxlavoid if they need to but sometimes anxiety is the worst symptom of anything. I am only on a small dosage of klonopin but in order for me to get the most benefit I take it at certain times and this medication did not allow that.
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