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Dentist and Anxiety

Please help,
I have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning and i am sooooooo so so scared, i don't no what to do! i have terrible panic attacks and globus hystericus where i can't swallow, how on earth am i going to sit in a dentist chair and get my tooth removed???? :(

Im shaking now just thinking about it! im so scared! my back tooth is sore and i think i will have to get it out but i can barely go to the doctor sometimes how can i do this, can anyone help or give me some advice please...

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Hi there!  First of all...you are SOOO not alone!  Most NON anxious people are terrified of the dentist, who wouldn't be!  Let's face it, going to the dentist is NOT pleasant!

I can give you a few tips...as I was in your position a few times last year.  I had to have a few back teeth extracted...there was just no saving them.  I find of all things...that chatting a lot with the receptionist, then the dental assistant really made me feel much better.  My anxiety was still there...I was even trembling (and sweating...lol) a bit in the chair...but the other good thing is...if you require an extraction...it is over in literally a minute or two.  VERY very fast.  By the time I started getting myself worked up...it was over.  The diagnostic stuff up to the decision point is easy also.....just an Xray or two.  

If you take any anti anxiety meds (like Xanax, Ativan) on an "as needed" basis...be sure to take it about a 1/2 hour before your appointment starts.  Just dont drive if they make you very drowsy, have someone take you.  If you are not prescribed anything....call your dentist and explain the situation...often times they will Rx you a pill or two to take before procedures.

Trust me on this one though....it will be over very fast...and again....I have found that being "chatty" really helps take MY mind of my anxiety....and it is nice to be friendly anyway, right?

Then, when it is all said and done, reward yourself, b/c that is a big accomplishment.  People without anxiety issues are terrified of dental work...so it is a NORMAL thing to be anxious about.

Have confidence...you can and WILL do it.
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Thank you,
I am taking lexapro at the moment and I think I will take a Xanax to! I'm so afraid at the moment but I have to get it done rather now than in a month when I'm on Holidays..

Thanks again for your comments
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Ok so went there today and it turned out I have a wisdom tooth coming down and it's just hurting, got antibiotics and I should be fine! God that's such a load off my mind! Was so scared, he said it might have to come out in the next 6 months but I'll deal with that when it comes along just happy now :)
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