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Desperation. Am I crazy? Anxiety. Please help me.

I am a new member. I have a complicated history which is including problems with my communication. I hope they can understand me. I have a complex situation. I would really like advice and reassuring please.

There are many medical problems since I was young. I am adult but dependent on my family. I always have some medical anxiety. Since February it is much worse suddenly after a brain injury. I don't know if it is panic attacks. My anxiety is sometimes constant high and calm. They call episodes. No physical symptoms that I have heard of for people having a panic attack like breathing and heart gestures.

All emotional symptoms that I feel always extreme stress. It takes days of calm for me to functional again. Feelings with frustration and crying. I am in a rehabilitation program for my brain injury. Some skills improve, but anxiety is worse with everything I do. I feel crazy! Some legit fears exaggerate. Other things that shouldn't be a problem. It makes me feel guilty and crazy. Sometimes nothing at all. My family tries to find out to fix the problem and there is no problem? Am I crazy? I take Prozac for 5 years. My family give me Diazepam during episodes and I am supposed to sleep.

I do some research on medicine for anxiety. I wonder if I can try Cymbalta a good idea or if I should ask about Lexapro? Any recommendation? My doctor would like my weight loss I gained from illness. I hear many doctor opinions. I would like personal experience opinions. I know people are different. Anything is encouraging.
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The feelings of frustration and crying infer that there may be some depression along with the anxiety.  Prozac is a good SSRI.  Why do you think Cymbalta or Lexapro would work better?  Have you discussed your desire for a change in meds?  Diazepam is also a good med for your situation.  I guess you need some dose adjustment or med change if they just aren't working.  Once again this is all stuff you need to discuss with your doctor.  A brain injury can certainly throw off your chemical balance and worsen conditions.  Hopefully when the brain mends itself you will see a significant improvement in symptoms.  Good luck and keep us posted!
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Thanks for a reply. I have read coexisting anxiety and depression. I don't feel depressed. Maybe I am. Usually I am happy. Mu family sees me happy. My episodes always start with fear. I am usually happy until the unsettled times approach. I don't understand feelings a lot though.

This week a very bad episode. I am feeling overwhelmed by many unsettled times. I don't like a lot of things that procedure my fears. For example, I don't like sound or change. Overwhelming! Then frustration, fear, screamed, hitting myself, crying, and Diazepam goes me to sleep. Is this panic attack? What is happening? I shouldn't act this way! Am I crazy?

In between I am fearing different things. Sometimes my behavior and triggers. Sometimes sound, change, talking, hospitals, doctors, etc. I like quiet activity and have fun when there are no unsettled times.

My doctors have too many opinions that are different at each other on medicine. They don't have symptoms. I ask in this community which medicine I can consider well and which ones are not well. Still understand people different brain chemistry but I please need opinions and support. Anything is help. Thank you.
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