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Did drugs and General Anxiety Disorder cause a mini stroke?

I'm 30.  I was on meth and maybe had too much and took a Flexaril.  While painting in the garage I noticed my foot slip.  The symptoms have been persistent for 3 day and I have not had any drugs since.  I have to concentrate to get my tongue past my teeth and I can't seem to keep my lips closed or pucker them well.

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Hi there and welcome.  Sounds terrible and I'm sorry you are having these issues.  I'm thinking that meth has caused a signficant problem at this point.  I would absolutely go the doctor for assessment.  Don't be afraid as you sound like you need medical help.  good luck
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Time to get to the doctor asap. -Blu
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I agree, and sure hope you went to the doctor right away.  Meth is a dangerous drug and absolutely can cause serious health issues.

Please update us when you can.
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