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Disorder in the Brain-Chemical 'entropy'

Due to an increase in environmental changes and an increase in environmental press, is this why most
people get depressed? I realized that times have changed and we have to put much more energy into this system to work our way out of it. How could one deal with depression if one does not want it to begin with and one  doesn't want to admit that they are insane.......I can't no longer enjoy social group conversations. I can't no longer enjoy even text messages. Should we accept the chemistry of our brain, or give in to how western culture set its bar of 'fitness' to this survival of the fittest. Whose to say what's normal is my major concern.
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One who is depressed is NOT one whom is "insane."
People become depressed for myriad reasons. There is no "one" cause.
No one WANTS to be depressed.
One deals with depression by seeking professional help.
If you no longer enjoy life, even something as benign as texting a friend, you need help.
Should we "accept the chemistry of our brain......."
Since you are posting here, I'd say you've answered your own question.
The question of how high Western culture has "set it's bar" of fitness is a moot point.
If you are unhappy, then it is you, and ONLY you, who can judge what is "normal."
Only YOU can know if you're on the right.......or wrong.......path.
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