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Do I have social anxiety?

Well I'm 13 and I think I might have social anxiety. Every time I'm in a group (Sometimes even 1-3 people) I get nervous and clam up and I feel anxious. Most of the time I wear my headphones because it calms me and I'm able to walk around stores and large groups without being nervous and anxiou. I can't seem to socialize because I have this problem. Is this social anxiety?
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You're pretty young to be talking about terms which were invented more for adults.  You do seem to have something going on that is making you insecure and unhappy.  Did you have this problem when you were younger?  I only ask because 13 is one of those ages where a lot of people go through a tough adjustment.  If you feel this is really affecting your life, I'd talk to my parents about it and perhaps find a counselor to help you come out of yourself.  As for your question, this isn't necessarily social anxiety, but it is anxiety.  Just know that psychologists consider the anxiety of the young to not be the same thing as the anxiety that comes on in adulthood.  
I've had nervous twitches all my life I am a64 year old widowed male.What will stop my twitches?
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