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Does anyone else here have deja vu spells with their anxiety?

My anxiety seems to be kicked off with a nice spell of deja vu that sends me down a spiraling hole of "oh god do I have epilepsy???" and it scares the daylights out me. When I do get deja vu spells they only last a little bit but depending on the thing that set it off, I get deja vu if I keep thinking about it. I don't convulse or anything when it happens, I have asked people around me what I do in those instances. My mom said that I just keep going with what I am doing, I dont shake, I dont blink wildly, I dont really stop talking. I just look really scared which I am! My mother, therapist, and high school homeroom teacher ( who was the nursing teacher at my school and a psychiatric ER nurse by night ) all said that my deja vu was most likely because of my anxiety. My homeroom teacher even said that since if I dont think about it too much as its happening it goes away quickly that its even more likely its just anxiety. That the reason why I am tired afterword is because I scare myself so bad that I go into anxiety fatigue. Which once again, all very true.
But I was just wondering if any of you guys have anxiety deja vu too?
Thanks in advance!
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Your mother has some professional experience and knows you and watches you, so I would go with her ideas. Or else see a professional.
Everyone is different, and this kind of thing is difficult to self diagnose due to the circumstance that it is a mental situation, so even if someone here says they have the same thing, that is not proving that they do or that it is happening in your situation.
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Are you sure deja vu is the right term?  Are you saying you experience being in some place or circumstance you imagine you were in before, or are you saying you obsess over things that did happen?  I'm not sure why having deja vu would bother you so much.  It's pretty common.  Here's the thing -- when you have experiences in life, the way you react says a lot about what's going on.  Everyone has weird experiences.  Some love them.  Some become writers and use them.  Some use them as conversation pieces.  Some are bemused by them.  Anxious people get anxious about them.  If you're getting anxious about things that happen, know that not everyone does.  It suggests some insecurity is going on, something maybe that's bothering you that triggered this as you're young.  Any reason why you might be so bothered by this?  Do other things in your life set you off like this?  Are you thinking the same thoughts over and over when it happens, suggesting something might have happened to you?  The answers to your analysis of it will drive the response to it.
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