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Ejaculation in public while anxious

Have social anxiety sometimes..at the peak of a panic attack i experienced a bit of ejaculation..it was about 3 years ago while taking a state english test..was so nervous..had to leave the room..couldnt stop crying..mom pickd me up, took the test at the end of the year..fortunately it was just a small drip so was able to cover it with my sweater..so im getting the sensation again..2 months ago while on the train got nervous, always feel awkward on the subway since one is always close to to random people..started feeling really nervous n felt like it was gnna happen again..talked my self out of it..now everytime im on the train i get that feeling..used to get it only while sitting down but now its whenever im standing n waiting for somthng..sometimes i could control it..but the train seems impossible n i live in nyc..u cnt go anywhere without the subway..does anyone else get this. what should i do..cnt survive without the train..going to school in manhattan next year n i live in another borough..should i put more underwear on?..thisis what my mom told me to do..btw im a 20 yr old male..this suks..what should i do?
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The best advise i can think of is to talk with a doctor about this. Have you seen a doctor yet and what medications are you taking for your anxiety? You need a full check up. prostate and all.
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na..havent seen one..n dont take any of those meds..they arnt healthy..
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Welcome batlife!  I'm so sorry you're going through this, but there IS help out there!  I'm glad you found this community...we're all in the same boat one way or another.  You'll get great advice and support here!

For one, I totally agree that a thorough medical exam is warranted here.  This may be a medical problem that needs addressed.  If everything checks out okay, then it is time to address it as anxiety.  This can be done many ways.  Some people prefer to try medications, therapy or both.  Also, btw, these medications aren't "unhealthy".  Sure there are risks, and everyone must make that decision for themselves.  What *I* personally feel is "unhealthy" for ME is to have my life taken away due to fear and anxiety.  If medications can help me with that...I'm game!  It's always a personal decision.  Just don't eliminate any form of anxiety treatment before you get the facts.

What your experiencing is a fear response on the train.  You're now associating those scary thoughts and feelings to actually being on the train, even though it could happen anywhere.  Even if the ejaculation IS caused by something medical, your fears sure sounds like an anxiety response (understandably).

Keep in mind that even IF this happens, while you certainly are upset...that the people around you aren't going to be aware.  When we're anxious, we think every soul around us knows exactly what's going on.  Truth is, unless you start rolling around on the floor screaming, they don't have a clue!

So, first thing's first.  Get yourself to your doctor and find out if there is something going on.  There could be any number of things that could cause this.  Then, start discussing with your doc ways you could treat your anxiety.

Very best of luck to you, please follow up with us so we know how things are going!!
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Thanks for the response..yea, its definitely anxiety..cus i had an episode like this when i was in 3rd grade..but ofcourse nothng came out...just a werid sense of panic n pleasure..its complicated..read that it cud be the body tryng to release stress idk..missd a doctors appt the other day bcause i felt it happening..i have a therapist but havnt seend her in about a month lol..was gnna tell her about this.. but im embarrassed..n ive had a history with those meds..dont trust them..
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It would seem that I have your problem as well, on a more constant basis though.

EVERY time (ok 99% of the time) I take a test, I end up scurrying between the papers, not sure which one to finish first and distracted by the others, think of how completely screwed I am, and wind up ejaculating in the midst of the test, causing a waste of about a minute or so.

EVERY time.  I had a 3.9 as an undergraduate, so its not like I didn't study or anything.  This has been happening for at least 7 years.  Its seeped (no pun intended) into other areas of my life as well.  I can just be in a stressful situation (or think of one) and this happens.  Excellent.

If my sources are correct, ejaculating leads to a release of serotonin, which should calm you down (this is why men are tired after intercourse).  This is probably just nature's way of telling you to cool your jets.

What is my suggestion? I do not have a medical background, but after years of pursuing something that makes me anxious and uncomfortable, I am beginning to wonder if its right for me.  While I don't want to tell you to stop pursuing this because it might be uncomfortable, its worth considering (before you invest any more time and money into it) if this is what you really LOVE to do.
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well I am a grown man it that happen to me while taking an exam, i was like what da ---- just happen. I ejaculated with out an erection . It happen 3 times after in similar circumstances where i was sitting exam , time was running out and I start panicking, then I *** in my pants without an erection. I think my harmonies are screwed up and need some sort of treatment to be rectified.  
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I have OCD and this happens to me sometimes during a panic attack. My ocd prevents me from masturbating, my mind perceives it as dirty, so the stuff builds up over time. This is of course during periods when I don't have a girlfriend. I feel that bad anxiety and it will let loose without an erection.
It seems to me that you have ocd also. There's a center for anxiety disorders in Manhattan. Call them up and get an appointment. When you find the right shrink, be brutally honest. You'll be embarrassed at first but once you realize that they've heard this a million times you will feel better. Don't worry, this is very treatable and it's normal for guys with anxiety disorders. You'll be fine, I promise.
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I have gone through the same problem too. This problem has something to do with the exams. What I have understood is when you feel like captivated in a place and you have no more authority to move away, only then this happens. For example, when I travel in a bus for a long period, I know that I ll experience this event of ejaculation. Because, when I am traveling in a bus, I know that i just cant get out of that if I want. Same happens when I am in a meeting or i am about to present something in a meeting. It also happened when i used to take exams during my student life. Now, i am 30 yrs old. Still i face the same sensation. This is disastrous. looking for a way to get rid of it.
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Had exactly what had.  Started at early age but didn’t worry so much as nothing came out pre puberty.  Puberty was the worst because it cumming in your pants after a panic attack was a bugger to hide.  Thankfully untucked long school shirt covered the cum stain.
Finally got the courage to tell my mum what was going on as it was affecting my school life.  We lived in a country town and when  dr visited Mum took me to see him.  I was embarrassed in tears and the Dr was of absolutely no help.  Nothing I can do he said, to young for medication he said.  No referral to a psychologist, no nothing.  The whole thing was embarrassing and it was all for nought.  This was about forty years ago.  When I look back I was totally on my own.  My mum new about my condition but did nothing to help, no suggestions like tuck an absorbent cloth in your jocks…nothing.  Looking back I think I wore two pairs of jocks as that hid my embarrassment.  As you know a couple of hours later it would dry out but you did not want a big dry cum stain on your shorts.  Most notable during a panic attack I was never erected all hard when I came I was always completely soft.

The good news guys is that I know longer suffer from these embarrassing panic attacks. The way I killed myself was by purchasing an electronic gag pen that delivers a mild electric shock. I would think about the scenarios events triggers that would bring on the first signs of a panic attack. At those first signs I would press down on the electric gag pen this would deliver a mild electric shock and divert the panic attack to a different part of my brain. After doing this for several weeksJust thinking about certain triggers would no longer bring about a first symptom of mine which was the shrinking of my penis. This was the day in which I’m no longer have panic attacks.

I think God for putting it in my mind to try this and even more thankful that it worked.

In the past I had tried pinching myself or doing something to cause some pain to try and stop it from happening but it was never enough.

For me it took a mild electric shock to cure my panic attacks. If the mild electric shock did not work I was going to try using a tens massage machine and attach the pads to my fingers delivering a stronger electric shock to divert my panic attack to a different part of my brain. I did this for several weeks in the car watching TV hour or laying in bed. I would think about things that I know would make me feel uncomfortable that would lead to a panic attack if it was happening in real life and I would simply press down on the electric shock pen. Do this multiple multiple times

Give it ago guys it worked for me. If you’re like me or were like meEven just thinking about a trigger would ring about the first awkward signs of a panic attack. Thinking about it would never bring on a full panic attack but would bring on the initial 1/10 of the 10th panic attack for me.
Cured myself no killed! Doh
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