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Escitalopram for Anxiety - PLEASE HELP!

I have been taking Escitalopram 10mg (aka Cipralex / Lexapro) for 31 days today.
For this past week Ive been having repeated very bad morning anxiety/ morning terror. I wake up in a state of panic, palpitations, difficulty breathing, hot flashes, feeling of extreme terror, and I'm afraid to start my day. This sometimes continues for 3-4 hours and improves gradually if I take my Seroquel 100mg. But some days it continues until I go to bed.
Initially I was ok in the night, semi-normal, as if I'm not the same person that was in extreme terror in the morning. But these past two days the uneasy/fearful/anxious feeling has lasted the entire day.
I read somewhere that Escitalopram can cause this morning anxiety. I don't know if I should continue this med or stop it. Can anyone with a positive experience on Escitalopram please help me. Will this go away? I'm afraid I'm going crazy! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME.
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I'm still suffering.
I'm sad no one answered.
Please help me angels.....
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I have the same feelings. I would be willing to talk to you about it.this is the second time I've had this, I had it about 20 years ago, and after a while it went away, now I'm feeling it again. Maybe we can talk.
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I am sorry you are going through that... I had a very experience with lexapro so I am not a good one to give advice but am here if  you need to talk...
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