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Extreme Rabies Anxiety or Misunderstanding

Hello all. For the last couple of months I've been having some very bad rabies anxiety. It seems like everywhere I go I've been having panic attacks thinking everything I grab has infected saliva on it. Such as pumping gas, door knobs etc. I know it sounds crazy but please understand this is ruining my quality of life aswell as my relationship. Another example is if someone comes into my house I fear that their shoes tracked in some Infected saliva or other material that could be infected and will be transmitted to me. Any information/suggestions on how to cope or explain better will be greatly appreciated!
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You have a number of fear situaitons although I am guessing from the title that they are all related to fear of rabies. It would be best to see a therapist because that would be one on one and give you a chance to bring out more of your background.
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