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Face itchiness and dryness due to Prozac

so I’ve been on Prozac for 6 days, 1 10mg a day and I’ve experienced really dry flaky patches on my face that are itchy. I’ve tried lexapro and  Zoloft but they were causing really bad side effects. I’m just wondering if anybody has dealt with this before or should I immediately stop taking this until further notice from my physiatrist?
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Did you mean physiatrist or psychiatrist?  The former treats chronic pain and the latter treats anxiety.  I don't know of these meds being used for pain, although the snri class of antidepressant is.  As for this symptom, that's a new one on me.  With your prescription came an information sheet that lists all known side effects.  You can also find these on websites including that of the manufacturer.  But you an be allergic to any medication, and an allergy reaction is different than the usual side effects of the drug.  I would call your doctor's office and tell them you're experiencing this and see if you get a quick answer, and you can also contact your pharmacist to see if they've ever heard of this.  But again, it could be a sign of allergy, and of course it could be just something that has nothing at all to do with the drug.  Good luck.  
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