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Feeling like I am on acid...weird feeling?

I was taking .5 mg of Klonopin and did a slow taper. I have been Klonopin free since the end of July and Prozac free for 8 months or so. I am taking nothing.
I do have a psychiatrist who I will be seeing this week, but this is an odd set of symptoms? Are they anxiety of something else perhaps? I was so concerned I got a blood test from my PCP to rule out testosterone issues, diabetes or thyroid....No results yet.

The symptoms---feel like I am wired---sensation like I drank 10 cups of coffee, chest uncomfortable, voice kind of hoarse, constant urination, bowel movements frequently.agitation, morning fear., insomnia.  But the weirdest sensation is once in a while I feel like I am about to go on an LSD trip--things seem to get brighter and more colorful...very scary! Then I get really scared as if I am truly insane.....Love to hear from you?

I started taking St Johns Wort about 12 days ago and things seemed to get more anxious for me once I was on that herb. Stopped 2 days ago and then had that "acid feeling" on the second day? Could that be a part of it?

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Nothing like answering your own question eh? But I did not want you folks to think I was a goof!

But this anxiety really scared the hell out of me. Went to the doctor and he said I am SSRI resistant, probably should not fool around with herbal supplements and not SSRI meds. I feel much better in the last couple of days since the St Johns is out of my system.

I also got blood work....turns out my testosterone level is extremely low, which could produce anxiety.Doc suggests testosterone replacement...which I will talk about on another forum.
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thats the same way every ssri i ever tried made me feel.
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