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Feeling of Suffocation while sleeping

Last night i woke up in the middle of the night screaming that I couldn't breathe. My room was hot but I have a fan blowing and it felt as if I was being suffocated. I've been diagnosed with a sleep condition in the past. Also, started a new job and under a lot of stress lately. Is this a panic attack or something to be concerned about.

Thank you in advance!
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At least Im not alone! I thought i was going to die, not to be over dramatic.
but it was super scary. this is the first time it happened to me and hopefully the last!
Thank you for the support! Hope you take care as well!
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Oh can I relate, lady!! I have had anxiety since I was a little girl. Hot room while sleeping? No good. I am sure you have heard that a person sleeps best if their bedroom is a bit cool. And for sure the stress will wake you up out of a sound sleep panicking. For sure. Had it happen many times. Hard to take those calming big deep breaths when you just wake up, panicked and having an anxiety attack, no? I am having a sleep test in November to check out why I wake up and get a glass of water and I'm totally awake! Good luck to you and if you ever need-I'm here. Take good care!!
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