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Fullness In Chest - Acid Reflux - GERD - Weight Loss - Anxiety?

I seem to be getting it left and right with these symptoms. I'm just now allowed to have bodily peace it seems.

Well, over time, the PVC's have settled down (knock on wood)

Now, I'm left with this chest fullness 24/7, and constant indigestion, as well as periodic acid reflux.

Since this started, I've lost 103 pounds, which is about a period of 6 months, specifically, from eating healthier. Go me!! lol.

However, as wonderful as that is, it seems that the more weight I lose, the more miserable I become. I dunno whether to blame the weight loss, the anxiety, or both.

Main symptoms are chest heaviness constantly, back, shoulder, neck, and chest pains that are intermittent throughout the day. It's even worse at night when I try to sleep, which has led to insomnia, so I'm not getting much sleep either. I'm literally miserable.

I've seen the doctor, and they've run many many tests, and ruled out anything cardiac related. He suspects GERD/Heartburn/Esophageal spasms.

I was taking Tums and they barely helped. For the past 2 nights I mixed a half of tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drank as much as I could stomach, and right after, I'd get weird pains in my neck, and chest, and then the gurgling would start to go insane. Temporary relief afterward, but it would come right back.

He prescribed me with prilosec, and wants me to buy some maalox to take with the prilosec.

I'm gonna try to get the maalox, but I started the prilosec this morning, and I've noticed small improvements. I am burping more than I was, and things are a tad better, but I am still uncomfortable.

My questions are, what is causing this, and is the prilosec going to take a while before I start to see improvements, if this is GERD?
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You mentioned you used to have GERD and anxiety but then took Prilosec and anxiety meds and feel better.
I have same exact symptoms. Can you tell me more about the anxiety meds you took (which/how much/when/how long/etc)?

It would be very helpful. Thank you.
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Is it possible to have GERD without heartburn?
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I have had very bad episodes of heartburn, palpitations and chest pains and was put on Omeprazol by my doctor. This only worked for a few days and then stopped. I am 48, not overweight, exercise very regularly indeed, don't smoke and don't eat meat or fatty foods. The digestive problems started about a year ago. I tried apples and apple cider vinegar to no avail, but I now find that Aloe Vera Juice works incredibly well and has helped a lot. I take it in the morning before breakfast and again at night before bed. The one I use has added cranberry juice. Its good for general health anyway, but has made a great improvement to my life in reducing my acid reflux. I would recommend it to anyone. Incidentally I also had a much enlarged thyroid gland recently just when the acid reflux was very bad, don't know if the two are related? My doctor says there's no connection.
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I I have the same symptoms as Dahrol , doctors keep saying its anxiety, I have fullness in my chest , pain across chest sometimes & right under my right breast, sometimes it goes down my arms, & i always feel like I can not get a full breath, Prilosec & Zantac both made these feelings worse. I have not passed gas in almost a week & my bowel movements are relativley  non existent, when I do go its like pebbles & that is maybe once a week. I am currently taking Lorezapam for anxiety , but sometimes it doesnt help at all. I have had EKGs & chest Xrays  all are normal. I just dont think it is anxiety. HELP!!!! I have been to 2 doctots they both say the same thing!!!!!!!
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I think you need to treat your anxiety.  The rest will follow.  I had terrible Gerd and that fullness you speak of.  The weight loss was nice but I was miserable.  I now take prilosec and anxiety meds and the symptoms are gone.  Appetite returns so be careful.
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Look, I have issuses with communications like these. However, I need to know if can I afford generic. What about NEXICUM. and why isn't it OTC?
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Stopped taking the prilosec today. Just doesn't seem to be doing anything. I might continue with the maalox, but I don't see how a PPI is the way to go.

My doctor basically told me to take the prilosec and see him in three months, "like, whatever kid, go away."

I'm trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together, again, with no help. This is one big *** puzzle, and I can't fit all these pieces alone.

This damn health care system keeps jerking me around.

I don't think this is just heartburn, or it's bad enough to warrant a ppi. I don't know. My doctor keeps estimating.
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The PVCs aren't as frequent as in the past, so I'm hopin they won't last long. Last few days I've had like a few in the entire day, but they are STRONG adrenaline surges in my chest, so, it scared the crap outta me.

I used to have them all day, every like 10-20 minutes. They gradually got less intense and went away, for like a month, and then when all this chest pressure started, they suddenly showed back up, but nowhere near as frequent.

I started the Maalox at 6:30PM today. It had magnesium, so maybe that will help with the pvcs?

feeling a little better. Dunno how long it will be before I get the full effects of both of these meds, or if I'll have to take em for the rest of my life to maintain relief.

Could this go away once I stopped losing weight and reached the goal?

Also, could this be because of me losing weight and not exercising much? Right now, I'm going it by eating healthy, so, I'm not that active. Could that have somethin to do with it?

Alot of the pain is backpain, with pain surging in my chest periodically. Throat pain, which could be my esophagus spasming.

Could my gallbladder just be re-adjusting, instead of going bad. or is the weight loss gonna cause it to have to be removed?
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Yes, I think the Maalox will help tremendously.  Give it a shot (no pun intended!).  The PVC's may have just returned totally unrelated to the other stuff...they have a tendency to do that....it's hard to say.

If your GI symptoms don't start getting better after about 7 days of the Prilosec, definitely let your doctor know as you may need a further work-up.  The next guess I would have would be gallbladder disease, which would actually fit your situation very well...both because of the weight loss and your symptoms.  They can diagnose gallbladder problems usually very easily with blood work and ultrasound.

I'm hoping you get some relief soon.  Keep hanging in there!
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I always feel great, when I first wake up. Like, the storm is over. Then, within an hour, it all comes back.

This morning, it was kinda like that, but my chest got heavier after taking the Prilosec for some reason. I waited 30 minutes after taking the Prilosec, and ate a bowl of oatmeal with a bread and butter sandwich (used Smart Balance healthy spread) and a coffee mug of Peppermint Decaffeinated Green Tea.

I have weird pains going through my chest, sternum, neck, and  pressure, etc.

Anxiety, Gerd, Body adjusting with the weight loss. I have all three going on at once, and dunno which to blame.

Haven't had a chance to get the maalox yet. Gonna try to get it today. Think that'll make a difference?

Also, why have the PVC's decided to come back after a month? Seems like they started after I started drinking milk to help this indigestion, and took those tums, which are loaded with calcium.

I need reeeellllllllllllliiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeffffffffffffffff. =/
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That stinks...I hate them!  Just keep in mind that while annoying and scary feeling, they are actually benign and won't hurt you.  

How are you doing on the Prilosec?  You noticing some improvement?  Are you taking the Maalox?  If not...try it, I think you'll be surprised at how much that will help!

Hang in there!!!
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Great. After a month, PVC's are back! >:0
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I meant to say "Not" instead of now. lol.

I don't drink alcohol, period. I hate spicy food, and I drink nothing but water, milk, or 100% fruit juice.

The chest pains are scary, and induce anxiety and adrenaline feelings. So do the sudden neck pains and constant back pain. I am just praying it's because of the weight loss, because it FEELS life threatening. the chest pressure constantly. The Prilosec has provided me with relief off and on today. Relief seems to be present more often when I'm up walking around.

If I try to sit down at my desk to write, or lay down, it is when it's at its worst.

Oily food? Now that I think about it, my grandmother made some chicken smothered with onions, tomatoes, with a gravy created with olive oil. I ate on that for a few days, and that could have some connection. It seemed at its worse when I started eating that.

I just hope this eventually goes away, and isn't caused by some life threatening overlooked cause, and is actually a result of my body changing.

I only have peace when I'm asleep, and when I first wake up. Within an hour or a few hours, it's back.  
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Well, for one, congrats on the weight loss!  That's incredible!  And, so quick!  Wow!

It totally makes sense that you are having problems with digestive type symptoms...mostly after that kind of huge weight loss, and I'm guessing probably a significant change in your dietary regimen?  Your body is trying to adjust for one...secondly, sometimes symptoms become more apparent after a big weight change.  You may have had these issues but the symptoms may have been undetectable until after you lost all the weight.  To me, it sounds like classic GERD.

Keep the lines of communication with your doc open as you try to get some relief.  Meds like Prilosec (trust me here...use BRAND name...HUGE difference) really help a lot with GERD/reflux, but they can take a few days.  Take it EVERY morning first thing BEFORE eating.  Use the Maalox/Tums as needed as your doc directed.  I tend to prefer the liquid antacids better because of the "coating" action.  Seems to be more soothing.  Maalox is also great b/c it contains Simethicone, which is an anti-gas medicine.  That will help tremendously with the bloating/burping and and other "gas" you are having...lol.  It's fine to take with the Prilosec.  

Give it about a week and I bet you'll notice a significant improvement in your symptoms.  If not, get back with your doctor, as it might be necessary to rule out gallbladder disease, or ulcers, that kind of thing.  

It goes without saying that there are a few things you can do to ease your symptoms. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol for a few days, while you start the Prilosec.  Eat lighter more frequent meals rather than larger less frequent ones.  Eat your biggest meal at lunchtime vs dinner...trying to keep dinner lighter.  Don't eat late at night...limit yourself to water only after 7-8 pm (depending on your bedtime...3 to 4 hrs before).  That will help with the increased nighttime symptoms and insomnia.  Also, avoid foods that are rough on the system...spicy foods, oily/greasy foods, nuts, etc.

Hope you feel better soon and hope this helped a bit!

One last thing...I LOVE this statement you made....you coined a great phase for SO many of us here...

"I'm just now allowed to have bodily peace it seems. "

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