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Im currently on Ativan, Pristiq 100mg, and Seroquel XR 150mg. My dad got me a bottle of GABA to try. Is it ok to try this while im taking the other medications?
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Probably not -- ativan targets GABA receptors.  Don't know how frequently you take ativan.  GABA isn't a particularly effective supplement for anxiety.  For one thing, it can cause anxiety.  For another, and most important, it doesn't cross the blood/brain barrier well.  A better way to get GABA is to take taurine, which along with B-6 is what the body uses to make GABA, but since you're taking the ativan, I'd be careful about this.
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I would not mix that with your meds! Talk to your doctor if you are unsure! How are you feeling? Studchick
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