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Gagging caused by anxiety...

Does anyone else have gagging problems due to their anxiety?  It affects me in so many different ways (can't eat sometimes, avoid going out with friends, etc.)... These "gagging attacks" just come and go as they please, it's horrible to have to deal with this because all I am doing is trying not to throw up... it evens happens just talking to people sometimes.  I try not to gag while I am talking!  Has anybody had this problem? Anything that helps?
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Are you sure it's not GERD (acid reflux)?  This can make you feel like your gagging and even choking on your food. Acid backing up in your esophagus makes you feel nauseous and like you're going to vomit. Worth looking into before assuming it's anxiety.  Take care.
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Actually anxiety can cause your esophagus to feel tight, or choked, thus you gag. Sometimes even you get this feeling that something Is on the backside of your tounge (In the throat area) and you try to find It with your fingers and fail. This Is all normal. If the problem persists for more than 3 months Or eating actually becomes hard, seek medical help.
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Whenever I get really nervous, I can feel that lump in my throat like so many other people.  Anxiety can cause a myriad of symptoms that are very hard to comprehend and deal with in my opinion.  Have you been to the doctor about it?  Has he/she said you are fine?  If you have had anxiety problems for awhile, are you able to seek help for it through threapy?  For me, the best way to deal with these problems is to learn about it...there is definintely credence to the saying, "knowledge is power," in my opinion.  By learning about your anxiety and confronting it, it becomes less confusing and scary and you can learn to not only deal with it, but actually thrive with it, in my opinion....keep us posted!
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Is there any medications that have stopped the gagging or do I have to live with it for the rest of my life
This post is nine years old, you might have more response if you make a new post.  But if anxiety is the cause of your gagging, then treating the anxiety is the way to treat the gagging.  Now, anxiety may not be the reason, there might be s0me other reason, but again, if you know anxiety is the cause treating the anxiety and the symptoms of it is the cure.  Therapy can cure it, though there's no guarantee.  Breathing exercises and meditation and exercise can help slow the body and the mind down and help with symptoms of anxiety.  Medication to treat anxiety if you need it, if you find one that works, it will also help with the symptoms you suffer individually because of it.  
Hi there.  I have a son who had many chocking incidences when young due to some motor problems with chewing. As he got older, he had lots of gagging so we saw someone about it. They told us that people can have 'gag memory' and will automatically gag when triggered.  For my son, a bite of meat triggered it.  It took a lot of time to overcome.  But it is doable.  Do you gag on certain foods or have any history like my son?
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