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Gratitude List

Coming on the years end, what are all of the things you find yourself grateful in your life?
Is your medication working better this year?
Are your friends & family finally understanding you?
Have you found a great Therapist that's really starting to help?
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I had a really bad anxiety during this year.It was my bad lucky year .I hope this new year will bring me peace and happiness.I wish you a Marry Chrismas and Happy new year!     With love,Gjena
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Gjena, wonderful to hear from you doll!  You have a brilliant Christmas as well. I just know next year,you will feel better.  Love you. Pamela
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Not gonna lie - 2013 has been very hard.  But blessings are there.

- I have a wonderful family & tight circle of friends who are my rock.
- I have a great psychologist who has helped me navigate this anxiety journey.
- Making slow but sure progress with my meds.  Not 100%, but when I compare today with 2 months ago, I'll take today.
- And VERY grateful for this forum and the folks who reach out and help each other in spite of their own struggles.

Welcome, 2014 - looking forward to a good year!
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2013 was the hardest year of my life anxiety wise... Anyways sometimes when I have anxiety i just think... Nope! I have wasted to much of my life with this anxiety!! Everytime I have anxiety I end up being fine a little later so why waste my time right now with it?  Sometimes it actually helps.  Anyways. Late 2013 I finally found a great doctor and the right meds. best of luck to all of you.
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I'm really glad you posted this because it's a good idea to be grateful for the for what we do have in our lives. Our anxiety can make us forget that sometimes.
I'm so very grateful for my family and friends. Especially my Mom and daughter. The 2 strongest and most wonderful women. They keep me going and are always there for me.
Merry Christmas to all of you!  
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