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Head Rush And Palpitations when I try to go to sleep.

So this is my first time posting. I have been always lurked and try to find post that are related about my syptoms. But wanted to reach out to the community to see what you think about what i feel.  

the feeling that i get that i will be describing i had it before and gone away. It just now it seems it has been stuck and i am not able to sleep.

I am 29 years old. healthy . 1-1/2 ago i got an MRI and EKG and everything its normal. I started having anxitaty and panic attack 2-3 Years ago and i have been able to control it.  The problem that i am having now is that i am not able to sleep at all. My body feels head rushes just when i hit the pillow and hear my heart pounding . This ofcourse freaks me out and makme sme move a lot and twitch. Until my body gets so tired that i dont feel it anymore and i am able to sleep. Usually at 3AM.   This has been happening in the last 6 days and i am tired. I need to have some good sleep. Even taking melatonine doesnt help.

I always try to go with the healthier choice. I know the possibility could be adrenal fatigue which i know i have. But what to get your input and see what you think.  Blood presure is not low but not high 128-132/78 ofcourse it doesnt help that i am anxiatos all the time and have the fear of dying..

Let me know your thoughts and ideas of how can i make this go aways.

Suplements that i am taking now:

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Sounds like you're having sleep anxiety. Its when you associate sleep with anxiety for one reason or another. I highly recommend you look into meditation. It probably wont fix your problem in a day or two, but if you do two or three 20 minute sessions a day you'll see results soon enough. Also, if you're taking more than 1mg of melatonin you're not doing yourself any favors. Studies show that more than 1mg can actually hinder sleep. Best dose to help you sleep is .5-1mg so best thing to do if you have the sublingual kind is to break it up.
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