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Help please

Wow i never thort i wold be posting here again but i have just lost it all has been good for ages but this morning i woke up and had the erge to check my self for lymph nodes and i found some swollen ones ner my collerbone neck and stomach and ever sence then i keep thinking i have cancer/lymphoma i do not no what has happend i have been so good and i am still tacking my meds i am shiting my self i have cancer
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Hey there ricky.

As we've talked about before, anxiety is something most of us with anxiety disorders are stuck with for the long haul.  It's very common to have long periods of doing great, only to have the anxiety sneak back up on you.  

It's important to reemploy those coping mechanisms, whatever worked before, you do those things again.  Don't fall into those old habits of checking yourself, searching the web for symptoms, etc.  You have to be strong and resist the urge to do those things.  Those are the compulsions that keep you stuck in that cycle of "what iff-ing".  Time to maybe think about getting back into therapy too.  I cannot recall, did you do therapy before?  Look for a therapist well versed in CBT.

It's just a period of exacerbation.  You will likely always have those ups and downs,  If you can try to accept that some, it won't be as heartbreaking when you're faced with it.  It still stinks, but it's part of having a chronic anxiety disorder.  It never goes away and stays away...not from what I've seen.  

Hang in there...keep posting!  We're here for you!
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Thank it woes just one of them days dont no what happen just woke up with that feeling and it just got outta control but feeling much better to day  
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