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I have major major anxiety problems my doctor prescribed the off brand of Xanax 1mg and it still does not help at all it did the first 2 days but after that nothing! I'm 21 and weigh only 80 lbs...I have no idea what to do!???  I just want something to help me I've tried every medicine possible
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Consult with your doctor to change the meds and take therapy, it helped a lot of people dealing with anxiety issues. I suggest you to eat healthy and take meals on time, take proper sleep and do some exercise daily. It will help your mental and physical health both.
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Hi, not sure if you are spiritual but i no for me prayer has always been the best remedy.
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You should try therapy, it is the best way to find the cause of your anxiety and help decide for the best treatment. Changing medicines can help you.
And you need to eat more, varieties of food, and exercise daily.
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Some meds work for you, some don't, but this isn't a med you want to take regularly at any rate -- it's addictive and very hard to stop taking if you get into the habit of taking any benzo on a regular basis.  But just because this med doesn't work for you doesn't mean no benzo will help -- some meds we just don't metabolize very well.  I think the above recommendations that you try therapy first is a good one, and I also think that although prayer isn't useful for everyone, spirituality has a lot of techniques built up over centuries that can help, such as meditation.  Good luck.
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