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Hi, has anyone here ever tried cbd oil for anxiety?

Looking for alternatives to manage anxiety
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There is quite a bit of research on CBD oil but as with any other natural substance that can't be patented, none of it involved a lot of people and didn't last very long.  I've been considering it as well, but it's maddening as I can't find a recommended dose!  There is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence out there, so a lot of people are using it and getting results.  A friend of mine has a sleep disorder, and when he doesn't sleep he can get nervous driving, and CBD oil is just the thing for him, just a few drops from a tincture.  I bought some -- buying from a reputable source is quite expensive for something derived from a weed -- but have never used it as, again, I can't find a dose for anxiety.  My friend said he didn't think it would work great for anxiety as bad as mine, but I met another person who said it cured his very bad anxiety problem.  The most research done so far is on a rare form of childhood epilepsy, and I don't know how a natural substance was able to achieve this, but FDA approved a drug that is a very high dose of CBD oil to treat it, but the high dose can cause some bad side effects so you wouldn't want to use that dose for anxiety.  But the truth is, everything used for mental illness is very hit or miss.  Antidepressants did pretty poorly in clinical trials and they're still used a ton, so you might as well give it a try if you can find a recommended dose including how often to take it.  Peace.
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By the way, CBD oil apparently targets serotonin, although at a different point than do serotonin affecting antidepressants.  It's the THC that more directly affects cannabinols.  I've also read that combining CBD oil with marijuana works better with that bred for not producing anxiety, but marijuana still strikes me as a hard thing to contemplate if you've already got an anxiety problem, but that's what I've read.
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I've been curious about it.  It is difficult to find any true relevant studies to support it currently. I am waiting for more data but think it is an interesting thing to watch what happens. Unfortunately, all of the shops that have cropped up have muddied the water and it feels like a money grab to me at this point making me trust it less. I hope they really do some true research on it so we can better see the effects it has on anxiety.
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