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How I got Anxiety?

Hello everyone
I was a normal person and didn’t know anything about anxiety until 4 years ago as I took a piece of antidepressant (Citalopram) here the hell of anxiety started, [note] I’ve hadn’t any mental issues just liked to try antidepressant drugs, l was so curious about how it would be taking antidepressants make u feel, anyway I don’t want to bother y’all with the details but I had all symptoms and I was so lonely no one could understand me, I could get rid of it for nearly 2 years by changing my lifestyle, my diet and accepting truths like death and serious disease..
Now after 4 to 5 years I feel I’m going back to the same hell, as always my biggest fear is death and cancer!
All I learned from my anxiety is I can’t get rid of it forever..
Good luck y’all
Note; sorry for my bad English
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Not sure what you're saying.  Taking one pill one time would almost certainly have no effect at all except possibly a little sedation.  It takes awhile for the antidepressant to alter the way the brain works naturally.  Side effects can begin pretty quickly, but the noticeable ones wouldn't happen after taking just one pill.  I'm guessing you were playing around with drugs because either you liked getting high and were experimenting where you really shouldn't have gone or you were self-medicating because you really were having some mental health issues without perhaps at the time knowing that's what they were.  At any rate, whatever happened to you back then, by saying you got better by accepting basic truths about death and serious disease suggests you were at the least obsessing about these things and it didn't feel good to you to do that.  It's not at all unusual to be afraid of things that can or will happen when you learn about them -- we're all going to die and the fact is, we're all going to have cancer cells doing things in our bodies whether we ever feel it or find out about it.  Awareness of such things can be scary, and can also be enlightening, depending on how one approaches life.  But obsessing over such things to the extent it affects your life in any considerable way is a mental health issue and one that usually one would deal with through education, talking to others, spiritual or personal growth practices, or, if necessary, talking it out with a therapist.  As to whether you can get rid of anxiety forever or not, some do, some don't.  You won't know which one you were until you die, because as long as you're alive you just might wake up one day free of anxiety.  Who knows?  So you might as well seek help to see if you might not be able to be in the category of those who do get rid of it forever.  All the best.
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Thanks for your comment! I don’t care if you’re believing or not, but I’m not using any drugs nor drinker either I just loved psychological field I wanted to study in that field but before attending to it I was reading psychological book so I was just curious about how antidepressant works on brain that’s all. I will ensure you that I just took a piece of one pill, I know it doesn’t make sense one pill make any changes to brain work, but it did it to me even panic attacks was coming to me at sleep for nearly 3 months.
Thanks again
I'm guessing you freaked yourself out about it.  But I'm not completely dismissing the possibility you did get a really unique and awful reaction.  These drugs alter the way our brains normally work.  But if you're not suffering from anxiety or depression, you won't get any educational benefit from taking them because you don't have a condition that you would notice a change in -- but you can get problems you never had before by taking and then stopping these meds.  If you had, say, taken the med for the 4-6 weeks it takes the average person to notice a beneficial effect, you would then have been in the situation of having your brain's natural way of operating altered for enough time to raise the potential of getting problems when you stopped taking it.  Experimenting with antidepressants isn't the same as, say, seeing what LSD or pot does to you.  They don't work that fast and they don't do anything that noticeable.  They don't make you high.  When they work, they tamp down the symptoms of anxiety or depression.  But they can also cause side effects that are intolerable.  The can cause mental problems.  They can, for example, cause suicidal or violent thoughts in some people, especially young people.  They can be sedating but they can also be very stimulating, causing anxiety in a person who doesn't have that problem.  Normally, you stop this by either waiting it out and the side effect goes away, or you taper off as slowly as you need to so you don't suffer withdrawals and try something else.  This also isn't psychology really, it's psychiatry.  Psychology involves changing how one thinks so you don't cause yourself to feel lousy.  Medication changes your brain chemistry but does nothing at all to address the cause of the problem, assuming there is one to find.  Long story not made much shorter, don't experiment with these drugs, you won't learn anything.  Now that you're suffering anxiety, you might in fact find if therapy or something else doesn't help you and you have a hard time coping, you now need medication.  That being the case, you can now learn what they do and don't do.  As I see it, there are two possibilities of what happened -- you got so scared about doing what you did or getting some physiological reaction you brought on an anxiety attack and you fixated on it and it became a chronic problem.  Or, part of one pill did something to you as you say because you were just really really unique and unlucky and got a really really bad reaction.  Either way, the problem now is dealing with the anxiety you currently have, and I wish you all the best in doing that.  
Thanks for your response again! I know what I did was absolutely wrong but I thought that I could understand this world (Psychiatry or anything related to brain) and I was too young,I think you’re right maybe I’m a little over reacted in that time but it was really frightening when panic attack was waking me up at the midnight. now no more panic attacks coming just anxiety thank god I can control myself I don’t take antidepressant drugs even if I needed it, (I believe that all antidepressant drugs have negative effects on mind ) actually I still have headaches and anxiety but not taking drugs and I won’t take it never ever.
(One pill of antidepressant gave me panic attacks and anxiety) anyone believes or not this’s the truth.

Maybe I couldn’t explain well my english is bad
Thank you Mr Paxiled  , I do appreciate your time and your words
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I'm having a hard time understanding what you are asking.  You tried citalopram and think you got a reaction that was helpful with that one pill.  Well, you may have felt something but to be therapeutically beneficial, these medications take 6 to 8 weeks to provide that affect with a daily dosage.  Placebo is amazing. It's been the best drug through history.  :>)  Just kind of joking but the mind does play a powerful role in how well a medication will work sometimes.  And placebo groups in medication trials often have responses that suggest that the mind is powerful.  But I guess that's not what you are talking about, you had a bad side effect that last three months?

That you had a three month long bad reaction with panic attacks --  not sure what happened there.  But definitely never a good idea to use someone else's medication like that.  
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