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How can I calm my GAD?

I currently suffer from GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). I've been on two different medications and I now start my third.

It's been ruining my life. Crying episodes, panic, nausea all the time, fear of eating, sleeping, and pretty much everything. I haven't been able to start my new medication due to it. Too many what ifs and then whats.

I am unable to see a therapist as my family is always working. I stay up till early 2am or later as I struggle to fall asleep. I have taken medication for it once before but stopped due to the excessive fear.

I have a phobia of nearly everything in the world now and it won't stop. Half the time I feel like I'm not in my body and I get dizzy too.

Is there anything I can do to calm my anxiety? I've been trying to get on my meds again. But in the meantime I could use some tips, advice. This is the only place I can turn to at the moment.
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I have no idea what you mean by you can't see a therapist because your family is always working.  What does that mean?  Even if you take medication and it works, you should still try therapy because if therapy works your problem is gone.  Meds only treat symptoms, and as you're seeing, they have their own problems.  So you should definitely find a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment and it that doesn't work, find another and try again.  That being said, there's no guarantee therapy will work and it does take time.  If you're as bad off as you describe you will be advised by anyone to seek out medication to get you stabilized.  I get it, I have GAD.  It's clearly awful.  It's very hard to treat.  If you seek out therapy the therapist, if you're as bad off as you describe, will send you to a psychiatrist for medication.  Again, anyone would when it goes this far.  There are no tips or advice that will fix this, only action will.  Take the medication, get stabilized, and get into therapy so you can get off this roller coaster some day.  Learn some relaxation techniques, such as meditation, exercise, and breathing exercises.  Do it regularly, make it a habit.  Don't sit on your butt and stew, it won't help.  Do it when you're still young and adaptable.  
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I cant see a therapist because i have no transportation. Its what i mean by family is always working. Every other medication hasnt worked which is why i was always switched. Im too scared to take my new one because of the anxiety. Half the time my family doesnt even believe in therapists so it makes it harder. I do breathing excerises which help a bit but not enough. Meditation is impossible, i cant relax myself enough to do that and i get way too irritated when i try. Who knew a rollercoaster can last 5-6 years
I hear a lot of can'ts in there.  When you're young and adaptable, that's the time to be most hopeful.  Believe me, when you get old like me, it's a whole lot harder if you never figured it out.  I'm guessing you get where you need to get to, there are a lot of ways to get places.  I do understand the fear of taking meds because of anxiety if you've had bad experiences with them.  But it doesn't sound like you've had bad experiences, you just haven't found one that worked yet.  I don't know how old you are, but if you think you need parents to get somewhere you're probably pretty young.  Way too young to box yourself in this way.  And meditation doesn't require you to relax yourself.  Meditation just is.  You aren't supposed to judge it.  If one type doesn't help, you try another.  If you keep saying you can't even try, you'll just stay where you are now.  
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