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How do I get a normal routine?

I have delayed sleep phase syndrome. I don't know what to do? Causes? I'm only a young child. I think it's because of anxiety. I'm afraid to get in bed because I'm afraid of not being able to sleep.
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Apparently you have been diagnosed and I wonder why you still don't know what to do. Did the person, who I hope was a doctor, not offer you ANY treatment options? Was your anxiety discussed? Is your anxiety related to your inability to sleep or something else?
I am not familiar with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, but I know when I'm going through a rough bout of insomnia, I become not exactly "afraid" to go to bed, but I definitely dread it because I'm SO sure it's going to be another night of tossing and turning, sometimes I think I talk myself into not sleeping...............
You say you are a young child so I suggest you talk to your parents about your ongoing problem.
Chronic fatigue can lead to much more than just being tired all the time.
Please talk to your parents about this but you can always write to us anytime, OK?
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