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How do you keep track of your symptoms / moods / health?

I've lived with social anxiety and GAD for over 10 years and at points, it was severely impacting my day-to-day life. Since the start of 2021, I've been using the Bearable app  help me understand and manage my symptoms. They've helped me to find triggers and form better habits that help with my Anxiety (better sleep and self-care). I'm looking for more suggestions like this, is there anything that's helped you to get more control over managing your symptoms?
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I think apps can be useful.  I'm not real good at going into my phone to use them to give details though.  So, I think an app along with a journal works well.  I kind of like worry watch when you are anxious.  You track toward something and it helps you see that often, your anxiety was more than the event called for which is helpful for 'next time'. I like Mind shift also for anxiety.  There are so many tools these days. Love technology for this!
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