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How long?

I have an Rx of Xanax (generic form) and it is 1mg three times per day. So, yes I know, ideally, you are suppose to space them out evenly, like 6-8 hrs apart. BUT, sometimes I feel like I am suffocating way before then and I was wondering what is the absolute closest amount of time I HAVE to wait for it to be taken safely???
Please, I really need an answer!!!
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Ask your doctor or pharmacist, they're the experts.
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If I could do that I wouldn't have asked here.
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I am not a doctor:) but I would say that even at 4 hrs apart you should be fine ,can you wait that long or is it hard for you? and do you feel that you are needing a larger dose ? you may bring that up at your next dr. visit because with any drug we get use to it and as long as it is with in the therapeutic level that you are requesting a dosage increase you should be well justified
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Why can't you ask a doctor or pharmacist?  There are 24 hour pharmacies and even on the web there are sites where doctors can answer questions.  We're just not experts here and you have access to experts.  Is there some reason you can't ask a professional?
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^^I agree with the above. Just my opinion but that is a steep dose to start out from. Good Luck
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Thanks. I thought 4 hrs too but wanted other opinion(s). Thank you very much for your response!!
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