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How to come off quetiapine

at night and stop panic attacks, I  been on the medication for 6 years. I don’t have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder so I don’t believe I should be on this medication to begin with but I know I am on a very low-dose.
As well I have been on clonazepam for 14 years, 2mg in the morning and two at night. I have  tapered myself off of the clonazepam so I’m down 0.25 mg at night and one in the morning. I really want to come off of the quetapine and I was wondering how to start coming off of it?
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Sorry the beginning got cut off
It said
I am on medication I don’t feel I need anymore and the negative side effects outweigh any benefits. I no longer have panic attacks but
I am on 50 mg of quetiapine at night...
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If you're quitting the clonazepam for good I'd finish that before thinking about the second drug.  When you have successfully stopped the clonazepam and evaluated how you feel at that time, when you know any withdrawal problems are resolved, then you should talk to your psychiatrist about the second one.  You don't want to be going through stoppage effects if any occur with two drugs at the same time.  The general schedule for stopping any of these meds is to taper off as slowly as you need to, not a set schedule set for everyone.  We're different in how easy or hard it is.  Best of luck.
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