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How to deal with health anxiety?

It's horrible,and it drains away the happiness of my life,the anxiety become more of a depressed feeling,whenever I feel something hurts I associate it with a terrible disease,my inner anxiety comes from fear of death,I assume this is the reason I have all this health anxiety issue,but it's just unbearable..it's hard for me to even focus on something because my mind always running about the possible diseases I may have,any tips to solve this would be appriciatied.
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I have had problems with anxiety and feeling like I was malnourished, and realized that the result of that could cause negative health in several areas of life for me.  I didn't link it to a specific physical disease, but would often obsess over mental illnesses and think "what if I have this, what if I have that?".  Fortunately, you can move on from that with some help, whether it be speaking with someone (which I recommend), possibly trying out some medication from a psychiatrist, or trying to rely on other resources found in books, videos, online etc.  I try to do all three haha.
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GoldeWolf - Depression can cause this, but depression creates anxiety; anxiety creates depression. It is a difficult cycle to break out of.  Try to get some help for depression. Also, look to your diet. Cut out caffeine (can cause anxiety), alcohol (which is a depressant), refined sugar, the nasty artificial sweeteners. Eat vegetables and fruit, and do exercise. Your body and mind will thank you! Meditation to control the thoughts, and anxiety has helped me tremendously. Exercise, if done consistently, can boost your mood, as it raises your endorphin levels and oxygen to the brain. Low Vitamin D was a culprit in my case. Daily supplements were increased (by my doctor) and I have seen a real difference, even when the weather is cold, gloomy and rainy. Exercise and diet are so essential to health! Drugs are just a patch, and do not solve the real problem, in my opinion, but sometimes create more problems.
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Those who do it on their own I admire, but to say drugs do not solve the real problem- what is the real problem?  I have bipolar disorder and 'drugs'  are absolutely necessary in my life.  So what is the problem that I should be responsible for handling without the drugs?  What about someone with schizophrenia?  So I have to disagree.  Modern mental health medicine proves that is easier to jump-start those neurons and endorphins than to just try to bring them back from dried up wells.  I know antidepressants kept me alive when I didn't have the 'lifestyle choices' to prevent me from jumping off a building.

The other techniques are things I employ in a multi-level recovery and are detrimental if someone wants to go it alone.  But to say drugs are either neutral or negative to progress in someone's mental health recovery is insane.  What about people who are going to be depressed because they are leaving their alcohol addiction?  Should they needlessly suffer?
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