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I am having frequent panic attacks, what is wrong with me?

I am 20 years old, I don't understand why I am experiencing sudden panic attacks when I have never had them happen every other day in the past. It has been a couple of weeks now, and at night I have these odd jolts of awakening just before or during REM, where I feel as though I am dying, my heart flutters or beats heavily, I can't breathe or feel faint and get hot flashes or dizzy spells. Lately it has not only happened at night, but during the day as well. One of these days, I had literally PANICKED because I didn't know what was wrong with my body, and hyperventilated, screaming. NEVER has this happened to me before. I do drink caffeine, and months before I was going through a TREMENDOUS amount of stress and depression, hot flashes and anxiety that was NOT like these panic attacks, but more like hot and cold rushes and nervousness, depression. I really don't know what's up with me and it bothers me so much. I just want to live like my normal self again :( Perhaps I needneed to be more active and circulate more oxygen flow? Another thing I would like to add is taking lemon balm supplements which have actually helped with my palpitations and breathing. Usually that helps, though not so much earlier today. Could be the caffeine I have consumed lately, and I am trying to go easy on the amount of coffee I drink. I am honestly afraid. I do think I can control it, but honestly, most of the time it is difficult for the attack to subside, and it is very scary for me. This is not like me. Yes, I have had anxiety but during actual situations that trigger such feelings. These attacks are happening for no apparent reason, other than I am more aware of my body (breathing, heart, and swallowing) than I was before.
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I will lay out my most prominent symptoms by order, to clarify more (:

Falling asleep:
-feeling faint, swirling
-heart palpitates or beats slightly heavier, sometimes faster, or just flutters when beating slow
-feeling anxious, and waking up abruptly in fear (of nothing in particular besides the feeling of dying) and breathing in shock, accompanied by shortness of breath
-mouth or throat dries and is difficult to swallow unless I drink water

-when I am walking or even when I am sitting, I feel faint, and hot flashes arise
-this bothers me, and my breathing feels short, or there is pressure in my head and chest
-heart palpitations
-sometimes mouth goes dry, is hard to swallow
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I've been going the same stuff everyday I am constantly dizzy, always feel like I'm gonna have an anxiety attack and everything
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I don't know the reason, but it could be the anxiety disorder is breaking out -- you're in the age range when mental disorders break out.  Are you in therapy?
No therapy, but a friend of mine has shown me ways on how to deal with an attack which helps it subside (:
It just ***** because it is such a hindrance and generally takes a while to feel normal again
I will say for a few days I thought it was over with after going on walks and taking lemon balm supplements. Somehow it striked back, but I try to keep calm when it does happen since I have been having them. In my sleep, sleepit isn't too bad anymore but it takes a while to not feel the anxiety pangs.
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