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I can feel my heartbeat for 2 days

I can feel my heartbeat that it even rocks my bed. I had a 2d echo last month and its conclusion is normal despite of trivial mitral regurgitation and mild pulmonary regurgitation(i plan to check my heart every year because I'm afraid of blockages). I had been diagnosed with gerd on october 21 After my 2d echo so the heart problem can be ruled out.
Also I have pain in the right upper quadrant of my abdomen(1st pack of abs to be specific), this even occured before october 7(day when I got gerd symptoms). I have been anxious as i I have been taking Albis for the first 2 weeks and pantoprazole with antacids for the next 2 weeks. There has been improvements on gerd as I can sleep without my wedge but I'm afraid because I can feel my heart pound (pounding hard).
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I think GERD is often caused by a bit too much weight.  :>)  That was the issue for me and losing a few pounds made it much better.  I also limit acidic foods especially at night. Anyway, heart health anxiety is real. I have it.  It's smart that you annually have a physical and discuss your heart health and overall health.  Everyone should do that.  But feeling like your pulse is beating hard is probably your anxiety.  You are taking medication for anxiety?  What about a med you can take on a chronic basis like an SSRI?  Have you ever considered that?  Do you see a therapist as well for coping strategies?  I think exercise should help ease your worries about heart disease as it has such a positive affect on that but also it is good for anxiety!  Regular anxiety can help calm you down.  Breathing exercises, visualization can help too.  Gerd is something many people have.  It's uncomfortable and it CAN feel like heart related issues.  I understand where you are coming from.  Treat the GERD too.  Let us know how you are doing!
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It appears you don't actually have a heart problem.  This forum is absolutely full of folks who thought they had heart problems but didn't.  As for GERD, that's a digestive disorder that often happens with people who are anxious.  The drugs won't fix it, they will suppress acid for a time but your body will eventually have make more and more because you must have an acidic stomach to digest protein and some minerals.  Balancing that is very hard for anxiety sufferers -- we do all sorts of things that make it happen, such as eating the wrong foods, eating for comfort, eating too soon before going to bed, and taking medication, which often causes digestive problems.  So since you are posting on an anxiety forum, do you suffer from anxiety, as it sounds like you do and if so what are you doing to treat that, such as therapy, as if that's the underlying problem if you can fix that you can fix the other stuff.  One way to deal with GERD and to calm your mind's fears in the meantime is with regular exercise and meditation.  
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