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I feel like im high!(Completly Sober)

Everyday for the past week ive been dealing with derealization...It started out subtle and now I feel like im high and unaware of my sorroundings...Everything is a blur and I feel really limp like everything is in slow motion...Im really scared, my anxiety has never been this bad...I almost called 911 the past few nights cuz I cant sleep and I tend to dwell on my symptoms...Somebody plz tell me im ok I feel like im losing it...Im waiting for my DSHS interview for government aid but frankly im losing my patience I can't continue like this...I need help, ever since my first panic attack last January life has been a nightmare for me...I hope this goes away...Anyone else feel the same way on a daily basis
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Yes Yes & Yes!  I have been dealing with anxiety for years.  Just recently I am dealing with very dizzy feelings, kind of out of reality type feelings and finding it very difficult to concentrate. It is VERY SCARY...I will not deny or argue that!  It feels like I am going crazy...I am 29 years old and want to find a way to stop feeling this way.  I do have a prescription for lexapro but I am TERRIFIED to take it.  We are all in the same boat...unfortunately:(
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here are some more yesssses for you!! Listen i just recently got diagnosed with anxiety disorder even though i have had it for years im 24 years old. but i used to be able to control it. but now i cant. I too have also had every symptom on here. this started about a month ago and it is the worst it has ever been cuz i too am now going through the dizzy/lightheaded feelings but when it first started i was in a constant state of panic all day everyday for about 2 weeks racing heart and all minus the dizzy stuff. so now i am dealing with the lightheaded stuff i have found if you drink some orange juice you tend to feel alot better..cuz your body is in a crazy state when you paic and that can make you tired when its over.  believe me i know that it is scary especially the lightheaded part and you freak yourself out more by that feeling, but really the thing to do is challenge it and tell yourself that it is not going to rule you, you say so i feel dizzy whats gonna happen will i puke? maybe. will i have a heart attack? no am i going to die? NO and i know EXCACTLY what you meen by you feel high when your not! lol the best thing to do if its really bad is to just lay down and let it happen cuz the more your afraid the worse it will be or try going for a brisk walk outside ya know to try and ground yourself.  meditation works really well too. and try writting about whats going on the key is kinda to go about your daily life and keep busy. these are some of the things i have been doing and i am no longer in a constant state of panic and the dizzy feeling is subsiding..it will get beter but be stern with yourself cuz if you dont pull yourself out of it and stop paying attention to it...it will only get worse. but with time it does get better. and the dizzy stuff can just be a result of your body reacting to being under stress from all this..try and keep your head up and remember that you are not alone...you should really just stick to this website cuz its the best i have found the others dont have all the symptoms of what people really feel during this stuff...stay away from googleing your symptoms cuz all it will do is give you more reason to worry that you have some crazy disease when you dont. i hope this helps a little, and if you need to talk or anyone else needs to talk feel free to drop me some lines whenever you want my e-mail is ***@****
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thanks lacey, you've been very helpful. I've been trying to that and so far its been a constant struggle. Anxiety has subside and so as the worrying but due to this feeling of derealization. I've become depressed. Sometimes I feel like there's no way out and that this will never go away. But with your post I've learned there are ways to deal with this thanks so much.
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i am 16 an have quit smoking weed and i constantly feel like you do ....its hard to explain though and ive thought about going to the doctors ..what do you think i should do? i want this feeling to go away so bad:( i cant concentrate anymore everything seems like a dream
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i am 17 an have quit smoking weed and i constantly feel like you do ....its hard to explain though and ive thought about going to the doctors ..what do you think i should do? i want this feeling to go away so bad:( i cant concentrate anymore everything seems like a dream
im 14 and ive smoked weed ike 5 times in my life and the last i did was 2 weeks ago and it was like 6 puffs, the week after that ive been feeling a little of what you have all been feeling until last night when it hit me hard and i was scared ******** thinking I was high but being able to control my thoughts and movement like i am now. When i woke up today i can still feel it but not as strong, does anyone know how long this will last or how i can stop it?
This post is several years old.  You should start a new thread.  And no, nobody can know the answers to your questions because you are the only you.  My brain doesn't react the way yours does.  What is clear is that you're way too young to be messing around with strong drugs and that weed doesn't appear to be a good fit for you.  
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The "high" you are experiencing is a form of derealization. It is similiar to a pot high. There isn't anything wrong with it and it will not do you harm.

It is the brains way of "taking a break" from stressfull situations. Also, stop smoking weed. It isn't going to do you any good anyway.
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