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I have a severe fear and anxiety of having HIV, please help me!

I'm a college freshman in New York and I've been having a lot of anxiety about the possibility of contracting HIV. The last time I had sex was on the 31st of October 2015, and it was protected, but the condom may have slipped off, but I'm not completely sure. I got tested many times after a month passed, and all my tests were negative. 3 weeks ago though, i made out with a girl in my univeristy at a bar, and now I have so many symptoms of HIV and it's scaring me, I have a fever, aching mucsles and joints, a cough, sore throat, everything basically. My doctor said it was Bronchitis, but it is exactly 2-4 weeks after I kissed that girl and it all just seems to fit perfectly that I have HIV and that I'm in the Acute HIV Infection stage. I talked to a counselor and she said that I probably don't have anything, and I know that you can't contract it from kissing, but my mind keeps playing tricks on me and keeps convincing me with "What If" scenarios. I keep thinking of "What If" the girl was bleeding from her mouth and I did not notice? "What If" she actually had HIV and gave it to me?

What do you think the chance actually is that I have HIV? I'm very scared and paranoid and the anxiety is taking over my life.
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Please help
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I think you are way too obsessed with the thought of HIV. Calm down. You are safe. The more you think of negativity, the more you bring it into your life. Relax. You sound a little crazy.
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The 4th generation test can give you a answer after  non-protect sex in 4 weeks. But the condom slipped off……you know…… that is hard to define……I don't konw what time did you do the test,where and how did you do it.

Kissing contracting HIV is just a theoretic saying.Don't worry to much turst scientific test. good luck.
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I hope you're still not anxious about this.  The chances of you having HIV are virtually zilch.  People contract HIV through unprotected anal or vaginal sex through an infected partner.  The odds that your partner was infected were low to begin with, and the tests all indicated that you were not infected.  You do not contract HIV through kissing, even if she had some kind of bleeding in her mouth. If you're still anxious about this, just go to your local clinic and take another HIV test, which I guarantee will come back negative.  
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