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I need help dealing

I have high school graduation, college orientation, and just so much going on in my life that i dont have the time to be so set back from anxiety.  I have a phobia of throwing up...and i never get anxiety over other things...but what does happen i think, is when i get stressed out i get anxiety, but instead of general anxiety it comes in the form of me being petrified im going to throw up.
Right now...its night...im home alone...i have graduation rehersal tomorrow and I graduate on saturday (its thursday night)...I have horrible nausia (from anxiety i HOPE) and my body is going numb, heart palpatations...and i am scared to absolute death im going to throw up.  I dont even have a reason to...im just so petrafied i cant even move...I can never tell if im actually going to throw up or not and that kills me...id seriously rather die than throw up...but anyway...

i CANNOT afford to have such bad anxiety...is it just because im graduating high school and about to move to college? (ive had anxiety since I was 2 years old so its been with me my whole life) Its gotten soooo bad recently...nothing i can do seems to help and i just want to be able to enjoy this last moments with my friends and class and stuff...but instead, Im always left out because of this stupid anxiety which 100% controls my life. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cope with this right now? I just want to make it through graduation...

Oh and, I am on medication (pristiq) and have been for like 3/4 of a year.  I used to go to therapy, didnt do anything, so i stopped.
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You may be at graduation now...let me know how you did...I have had anxiety too all my life and I am 51..Xanax works wonders for me...I think you should see a doctor or when you get to college confide in the campus doctor...I did and it changed my life so many years ago with her diagnosing me with panic and anxiety disorder... Are you afraid to throw up at home or just in public?? I know that is a big stressor for some people... I gotta tell you though.. I HAVE thrown up in public from horrible morning sickness that I had for like 4 mos...I think I hit every trash can on Maui when I lived in Hawaii!!! and I know you don't want to hear this but if you do throw up...so what?? Half the time most people are in their own world and don't even look at you.. and if they do..they may want to help..I have seen people get sick in public and they are either preg, or have the flu or hung way over...what ever the reason..and you never know the reason unless you know them...it doesn't matter...They even have those home videos of those people getting married and the guy vomits all over the altar... Hope you did get today...If you haven't eaten bad food, too much food, drank a lot of booze are newly pregnant or have the stomach bug, you will not be sick in public...Congrats on graduating....
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