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I need some sort of answer

I have been diagnosed with adjustment disorder with anxiety and I need to know how to explain myself to my husband. I cant help the angry outbursts i have when he talks to his friends (who are girls) other then it makes me feel like I'm not the best he could have among all his options. I am nervous all the time and paranoid about things like the door being locked. I feel depressed and I cant explain it. He knows I have a problem but I cant explain it to him so that he really understands and he tries so hard to help but half the time he just makes things worse... how can he really help me?
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I'm going to have to fly by the seat of my pants here and also come clean with the fact that I am unfamiliar with "adjustment disorder." Could you please enlighten me on what that is.
You have told us of your many symptoms, but did not mention what your doctor is doing about them. Are you on any meds? Did he give you any literature you could share with your husband to help him understand your condition? Could you take your husband to your next appointment and have the doctor explain to him how and why you react the way you do? Is it in your plans to seek therapy for these issues?
You have mentioned jealousy, depression and an OCD type behavior...........all of which can be helped with medication and therapy.
How does your husband "try to help, but just makes things worse?" What would you like to see him do or say so that he CAN really help you?
Not knowing if you're on any meds or for how long, if you ARE, I would guess one of three things. You either have not given them enough time to reach therapeutic levels, (a level that will help you) you are not on a strong enough dose OR your not on anything at all, which would prompt me to urge you to see your doctor again, as soon as possible, so you can begin to deal with these issues. And that may include both medication and therapy. Involving your husband in this process I would see as a benefit for both of you.
I wish you luck.
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