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I really need answers , please.

Hi everyone and I can't thank you enough for reading my question, I would really appreciate your answers or similar problems,
Sorry if this is too long but I really need help, it's started when I about 14 i suffered from anxiety due to my mothers drug addiction that really messed me up it lasted for 2 years which was the worst part of my life, I'm now 21 , I then get got better after those 2 years I can't even remember how I got better I just all of a sudden noticed I was normal again,  as I said I'm now 21 and about 6 weeks ago I was out clubbing when I was bet up by 4 guys and after I panicked that my brain was bleeding and started to have a panic attack which I haven't had in years I have always been able to control them if I ever felt them come on, well anyway this had a really big impact on me as the next day I was afraid to go to sleep and felt very anxious ever since that day I have just over thought about everything and have let anxiety back into my life but now it is all worry about my mental health and thinking about my mind constantly , these thoughts have eating away at me the last 6 weeks and I have just got so bad that I can't think of anyway out but dying , when I first suffered with anxiety I was afraid to be left alone and always taught that I was going to have a heart attack, but this time around I am so afraid of going crazy, the thoughts that I have are so wierd and scary I'm constantly living in fear and I am afraid to walk anywhere alone or to even be alone as I feel I am left in my own mind to over think some more I feel I am trapped in my own mind and the taught of even having a mind freaks me out. I'm now starting to get really wierd undiscribable sensations in my head when trying to sleep it feels as if my head is really big and empty with just taught running though it and also these sensations happen when I see something out of place or when I touch my hands together it ,a kestrel me feel wierd , I also feel afraid to even try to sleep because I don't want to have to close my eyes and be left thinking, it feels like my mind is it own thing and I am just a bare shel I really feel as if I am just loosing my mind and that if this keeps getting worse where will I be and what will become of me and my kids :( I'm so messed up its just so distressing and scary , does this sound like general anxiety or do or something more serious , thanks everyone
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Thank you so much for your reply you dont understand how much I really appreciate it can I ask are you recovered or are you still on the road to it. And if so how did or how are you recovering, and yeah that would be really good of you id really like somebody to talk to that understands what im going through
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Hello, I have had a similar experience to you. I'm trying to figure exactly what mine is out but my therapist has told me that I manifest my fears and frustrations with fixations on my own health and body. This is called Health Anxiety and sadly it is one of the hardest to treat. There is, however, usually an underlying cause just as a traumatic event that, when dealt with, will ease some of the symptoms. It is linked to OCD if the thoughts are obsessive and you feel that there is any action, whether subtle or major that you must do in order to prevent what feels like certain death.

If you would like someone to talk to you about it just stay in contact with me and I will be more than willing to help.
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