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I was wondering if other feel like their on a boat. dizzy

I suddenly feel like im swaying on a boat off and on. I have high anxiety.
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Hi cuteybear, I also feel as you describe, alone with the swaying feeling comes dizziness, and a strange numb feeling in my head. Your not alone, if you want to talk, feel free to PM me, or E-mail me.

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Anxiety can cause dizziness and an inner ear virus can cause it too....so if it last a long time or get worse then it would be good to check with an ENT.
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Yes your not alone I also get the feeling im on a boat I hate it, it also makes my head feel queer, I also suffer fro high anxiety,
hang in there we have to take the good with the bad.
take care
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I too feel that way but i had a tramtic near death experience I lost all my electrolyetes and then my muscles gave out. Im recovering now.
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