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I'm a suffering anxiety and panic ?

Hi for the last 3 weeks I've felt like I'm going to die I have chest pain , palpitations my face hurts my hands get pins and needle but this feeling is constant and it's not going away apart from when I sleep I've had a chest X-ray and waiting for blood test results.  I can't stop worrying .
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You need to make sure blood work is tested for:

25 OH Vitamin D (level needs to be above 50ng/mL)
magnesium RBC
Serum Vitamin B12 (level needs to be near 800)
HotoTC level

Deficiencies cause all those symptoms. I had them. Had to buy over the counter supplements to recover. It's been 14 weeks. I'm better, but still have symptoms. Magnesium is calming.

Some Deficiency symptoms:
Anxiety/panic attacks
Body/muscle pain & weakness
Vision problems
Internal tremors
Tingling in body
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Thank you I just can't stop worrying ☹️
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Yes, it could be depression and panic attacks. Take your medicines properly and try some breath exercise, it will help you to relax your mind and heart.
Its normal to have these worries, and by taking proper medication and therapy you will get rid of those symptoms.
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Hi I'm feeling the same no better I can't take this anymore , my blood tests came back ok , would a blood test pick up on heart problems? I'm a nervous wreck no energy breathless chest pain. Doctor said he thinks it's depression so gave me tablets but just keep thinking it's something else .
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I get the aching in the cheeks and forehead were the temples are and i also get throat numbness,hands,arm and chest pains that come and go
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I would agree with the ER docs. It is anxiety. I have dealt with this my whole life. You truly feel like you are going to die. There are some really good information on line dealing with anxiety. I just recently started going to a counselor to help me deal with my anxiety. It will take time. I find when I am having an attack, talking with someone or writing in a journal helps greatly. It make me focus on something else. Plus, my counselor told me that when you talk or write you use at least 4 different parts of your brain. When you are having an anxiety attack, you are only using 1 part of your brain. The front lobe right above your eyes. That is where our fright or flight occurs. He calls that your "monkey" brain. By writing it talking that pulls you out of that part of your brain. Then you are able to get back into your human brain he calls it. I hope this helps you. I have walked and still do walk in your shoes. It is very uncomfortable and hard for others to understand. Take care and please let me know how you are doing.
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Thank you but whatever anyone tells me I just don't believe the it's ruining my life I have work tomorrow and not sure if I'm going to be able to do it :( I hope you are feeling better.
Does anyone have the aching of the cheeks ?
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I also worry last 3 weeks ive been off work I was fine at work tell I had a fever ever since I've been in the hospital 4 times this month cause my heart beats fast constantly they did ekg blood tests and told me I'm fine all I wanna do is lay but I can't relax because of my heart my feet sweat and I'm constantly worrying
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I'm convinced something is wrong but the doctors are in no rush , I get bloods back Tuesday , it's the chest and no energy that worries me
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Hi lousay well sorry to hear your going through anxiety and panic attacks im 25 years old and i was diagnosed with panic attacks and anxiety in october and i feel chest tightness and throat and arms and hands go numb even the cheek bones go numb sometimes....since im a truck driver ive been to numerous er rooms and thwy said i have nothing everything is perfect so they came to the conclusion its anxiety ive been seeing a therapist for anxiety and just started makinh appointments for a chiropractor.....anything u wanna know just ask more than gladly ill answer..
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I just feel I have no energy ! Making a tea has taken it out of me :( it's been nearly two days now constant
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