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I'm not sure what I experienced, was it a panic attack?

Ten minutes after I woke up, I was petting my cat but she bit me on the arm. I run to the bathroom to wash it and I was shaking. My breath became somewhat unstable but I brush it off thinking I'm just overreacting. I could feel my chest (heart) burning but It didn't hurt. My face also got really hot. I could breath but no matter how much I did I couldn't feel any air in my lungs. At this point I was sobbing, I went outside to see if the clean air would do something but it only got worse. I tried eating but I had no appetite. It only died down when I laid on my bed and I tried to calm myself like I usually do when I experience a panic attack.
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>> note that I'm 14y/o and a female
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Sounds more like you just got a shock while you were just waking up.  That would set anyone's heart racing.
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Maybe.  We can't say what would and would not trigger a panic attack for you.  But people can have a one time incident and not have a mental health episode.  I had a big scare which caused me to have a panic attack years ago.  My symptoms were undeniable.  But it was a triggered event and not something that I would get regularly or with seemingly no cause.  I've had a couple since then.  But overall, do not suffer panic.  So, chalk it up to a really bad day.  We don't know if it is a panic attack.  If you have more things like this or have a lot of anxiety in general, can you talk to your mom about it?  I'm a mom of a 14 year old.  My job is to help them!  Your mom will want to know what is going on with you  Hang in there and I hope you told your cat "bad kitty!"
My cat bites and scratches me almost every day. I never overreacted or was scared because I live with 4 cats and I'm used to it. I was surprised when just this trigged a panic attack.
I do have anxiety and some type of depression. Last time I had a panic attack, it was because my parents were fighting. I've also had a panic attack at school that was triggered by a girl yelling at me when I did something wrong. The difference between my usual panic attacks and this one was that I usually don't feel my chest burning and I don't cry. This one was very different from my past experiences. I also get very easily irritated and I'm very sensitive these days.
You must love cats.  :>))  I have had the chest burning when I had my panic attack also.  I get it.  There is no absolute with something like how your body reacts to a panic attack and how you feel.  This was a little different than the others but still sounds along the same lines. And since you've had more than one, anxiety and depression, I so hope your parents know and something is set up to help you.  Do you see a therapist or anything?  
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