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Im scared, i cant stop having all theese symptoms

Hi, can someone please try and help me. I'm 14 years old and a freshman in high school. for the past couple days i started to have trouble breathing, and pressure in my head,my throat keeps clenching really hard almost like spasms in my throat and my chest starts hurting and tightening.A few times i've had small pain in my heart, and i keep getting frustrated and my face gets red and hot in class and i don't know whats going on and don't know what do but its really frustrating. it has gotten to where its happening like over and over and over. when I started doing it a few days ago, i didn't think anything of it because I have gotten like that multiple multiple times in the past and ive had bad ones but usually it doesn't keep happening over and over to wear  want to have a breakdown. does anyone know what is causing me to do this or what could be wrong? im not sure what to tell my mom because i'm afraid shell put it off and not really think its as serious it is so i want to make sure she understands what im trying to say is happening before i tell her anything. im scared something might be wrong with my heart or somehing
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*LESS  susceptible to anxiety around late morning)
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Sounds like anxiety to me (I've been to E.R. twice with what I thought were heart attacks, but clearly they were high anxiety attacks, a crushing pressure on my chest mostly).  And yes, anxiety symptoms can mimic heart concerns (racing pulse, crushing chest sensation, even chest pains).

Anxiety's something that does poorly on meds though there are bandaid meds (such as serax/oxazepam) that can help in the very short term (my example med is addictive in the medium to long term though and only well suited for intermittent use).  If we rely on meds for it but do not tackle the underlying cause, I think we usually overcome the med's effectiveness and end up both anxious and on meds (that also have bothersome side effects).

- eat clean (avoid caffeine [chocolate, tea/coffee, etc.], excessive sweets (as those cause roller coaster blood sugar levels which shake up our moods, but do eat properly (a hearty breakfast with fiber such as oatmeal, helps maintain a decent blood sugar level so you're more susceptible to anxiety around late morning)
- journal and/or talk about your concerns, eg. with your mom and maybe she'll have some tips
- when you're feeling edgy, try to distract yourself by concentrating on your breath, and breath slowly and evenly (do try to avoid hyper-ventilating, that's breathing too briskly, as that flushes out the CO2 from your lungs and can lead to panic sensations)
- get a good night's sleep (everything's tougher when you've slept poorly)
- take a quiet break or two during the day, even if it's just a moment to clear your mind and take a slow, deep breath
- knowing how easily your anxiety can be triggered, be amply prepared (eg. be ready early so you can avoid being late for something, don't wait until the last minute or you'll end up rushing about and that's not so great if you're predisposed to being anxious)
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