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I'm worried I may have serotonin syndrome

2 days ago I took 20ml of liquid musinex dm I'm currently taking 20mg of Lexapro I read online that I could cause serotonin syndrome I got really anxious and threw up. I called poison control several times and they said I'd be ok. The next day I was having hot and cold flashes. I ended up going to the er cause I was worried I told them everything and they had me transferred to a different er for monitoring the doctor said I most likely didn't have serotonin syndrome because I wasn't have seizures or muscle rigidness. All my vitals were good but my heart rate was a little high (113) they said I was good enough to go home tommorow. Well today I was discharged ( i also had a low grade fever but I'm being the car right now so I don't know if I still have it) but I'm having doubts. If I didn't have serotonin syndrome why did I throw up? Why did I have hot and cold flashes? Why was I so on edge. I probably should of asked the doctor this but I was feeling fine as they discharged me about 30 minutes ago. Could my anxiety have caused all this?
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I think you answered your question -- you got really anxious which caused you to throw up.  Serotonin syndrome is extremely uncommon and your combination wasn't a big deal.  Hot and cold flashes are also a symptom of anxiety.  You had a panic attack.  
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Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it  
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