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In need of Derealization reassurance!

Hi there I'm 18 years old and about 3 weeks ago i had smoked some marijuana with friends for my friends birthday in his garden. i was quite high at the time and then my friends suggested to take some laughing gas whilst we was high, which i have done before and been fine. We did one canister all at the same time then i was fine after just laughing it off. Then the next time we all decided to put 2 laughing gas in one balloon which we all done together. when i did it i got extremely high which gave me a very uncomfortable experience which resulted in me having a bit of a panic attack because it got me really scared but all of my friends were fine when they did it like they were laughing it off and stuff but they saw i didn't enjoy it because i was like sitting there in a bit of shock in a scared way.

Ever since then i have been experiencing what is known to be derealization like things around me didnt seem real like my perception seems to have slowed down and my memory has gotten a bit hazy. i do suffer from anxiety because I'm always worrying about my health and thinking the worst of it like for example know i keep having this feeling that i have brain damage or something but i do everything as good as i use to but just feel like my perception is slowed a bit.

But still i get very worried that this feeling isn't going to go and then I'm going to be like this forever, even though sometimes i have read on the internet that this state is only temporary which does help me a lot. it has in fact gotten better since the first week I've had these feelings but the best thing for when it comes to stuff like this is a professional reassuring me that I'm over thinking it and that everything is going to be fine which is something i reaaalllyy need at the moment and i beg someone please put me out of my misery and tell me why its only temporary and if they are a professional because i only really do trust a professionals word on the matter.

Please if no one could say how long they've had it for because even that will make me worry like i know I'm supposed to just accept it but it can be really hard. i think i just need a professionals opinion on my situation and how i got it.

Im very desperate for advice and a bit of professional statements about my situation! :(
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Stay away from the drugs and gases if you have anxiety problems. Anx is enough to deal with on its own without deliberately adding more emotional problems.
I suggest a therapist, counselor or even your doc for some one on one. If you don't have any brain damage they might be able to reassure you and the worrying might go away.
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See but that's the thing, I don't wanna feel like I need to go to the doctors because that makes me worry even more and especially since I'll have to tell my parents I smoked pot which they would loose it over.

I just need someone to explain to me everything is fine and it's a normal thing to go through.

P.s I also feel just generally out if it
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"I don't wanna feel like I need to go to the doctors because that makes me worry even more.."
I am not sure what your point is, since this is a medical issue. Anyway, all I can do is guess you need some one on one, not a chatline but it is just a guess so I might be wrong. Is there a distress center you can call? If not maybe a drug rehab place (even though this is not a rehab issue they can likely point you toward help) can give you a number to call.
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What you describe is not at all uncommon.  I think I get what you're saying about talking about specifics, and seeking help....are you concerned that will make it MORE real to you?  Then you'll focus on it more?

DR IS commonly seen in anxiety, but the thing is, if you don't address the anxiety, it will take longer for the DR to subside.  Sometimes drug induced anxiety is something that will resolve on it's own after the drug abuse is stopped, but sometimes the anxiety lingers.  If it does linger, you'll really benefit from seeking help.  I understand you don't want to tell your parents, but if you end up needing to address the anxiety (which is a strong possibility), then it's going to be necessary.

Let us know how you're doing!
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