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Insane anxiety. Help.

25 year old female. For the last 2 years everything in my  life went downhill. Got asaulted in my house (not sexually), developed constant dizziness and got fired. I've been constantly dizzy since July 2014 and I've never felt relief ever since. Went through a number of tests. Blood tests, 3 neurologists, 2 ents, a CT scan only to find nothing in the process. The constant dizziness has me basically housebound and get out during the week but mostly staying in because I avoid any kind of trigger for both my dizziness and my anxiety. Because I'm ill I can't work of course and can't afford any kind of therapy to begin with so I just sit around trying to find any online help.I'm afraid I'm going crazy. I feel spaced out and disoriened all the time. I don't remember how walking like a normal person anymore. Im stuck. Any help will be greatly appreciated...thank you.
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Read Dr.Clarie Weekes books it might help. Also seek some theraphy. For the dizzines you probably have Vertigo.
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Thank you. I'm going to take a look at her books. I do have vertigo but they don't know what's causing it sadly :(
Well i had a friend that had Vertigo he took Selinium and started to eat healthy and so one now is better. But anxiety is 1 of the cause try to relax adn accept
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Often anxiety causes dizziness and vice versa -- it's one of the most common symptoms of anxiety, as when we're really anxious we can become disoriented and that feels like dizziness.  I went through this.  It can also be an inner ear problem or thyroid problem or other hormonal problem or blood sugar problem, among other physiological possibilities.  If you've exhausted these possibilities, some ginger might help with it.  If you ever noticed the dizziness lifting when you relaxed from feeling anxious, that's your answer.  Agree with Cubix, you need to find a way to get therapy from someone experienced with treating anxiety.  You can get free or inexpensive therapy from community mental health centers, but the downside is they're often not the best therapists especially for chronic problems.  But it's something.  
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Thanks so much for the answer. I thought of an mental health centre but sadly in my coutry you have to meet a few qualifications to get free therapy so the only solution for me is to actually find mooney for it. I think the dizziness might be anxiety related. Other than checking for vitamin defeceincies there is nothing else I can check :)
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