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Insomnia and depression

Do prescription drugs that are used for people like myself with chronic Insomnia cause depression? Since I have been taken Lunesta now for 8 months I have been depressed and have been prescribed Fluoxetine by my doctor.
My friend Roberto has told me about a new product that is advertised on TV called Straight2sleep that he is trying. He said that it is all natural and gives him a great night sleep with no side effects. Do you know of this product and how effective is it? He said that it was created by Robert Rudelic condition trainer for the Okland Raiders at one time. All that I have to go on is Roberto and his cousin Armando who are trying this and so far they are sleeping all night and waking up refreshed. He told me that it is an all natural blend of synergistic ingredients that help you sleep throughtout the night. Thanks could please call me with the answer at 508-967-7822 for I am desperate to sleep and not be depressed.
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Great advert for a new sleeping tablet that's natural and phone number included.
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I have a terrible sleep disorder and have tried numerous products to sleep @ night ie: Lunesta, Ambien, Ambien CR, Remeron, etc.  The best thing I have found, and it's non addictive/no side effects , to take a benedryl 1/2 hr before I go to bed. Make sure to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep.
I took benadryl for a long time till I found out it is an anticholinergic and sustanied use strongly increases your risk for developing dementia. There have been many studies confirming this.
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Sorry. But I am not the one with the sleeping problems. That was the poster above me. Who was just advertising some new tablet on the market. Lord knows I take enough at night to knock a horse out. But thanks anyway.
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Is Straight2Sleep safe?  What is in it?  Can you tell us what the ingredients are?  
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Ummmm, just a word of warning everyone....it is a common misconception that just b/c something is advertised as being "natural", that it is safe.  That isn't always true.  Plus, natural remedies can also interact with prescription meds.  Be VERY careful, and please check with your doctor before trying ANYTHING new.

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