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Is THC dangerous for mental health?

So I've heard THC is good for sleeping and I would like to try taking some oil for sleep. I've never taken THC ever in my life. I heard a story of a guy who smoked weed and caused him to have anxiety up to this point. I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid I just really don't wanna get worae. Is it worth trying? I experience anxiety and depression is it in my favor to help me?
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I think you're confusing CBD oil, which is usually derived from hemp and doesn't get you stoned, with using marijuana, which has high levels of THC and will get you stoned.  Some people believe strains of marijuana that contain both CBD and THC are better at treating anxiety as they are more natural than just isolating out CBD.  You can't isolate out THC, as it's very unstable, though there are synthetic forms of it that have their own problems.  I think the strain used is usually called Indica, but it will get you stoned.  Many people get their first anxiety attacks while they're stoned on pot, so it is a valid consideration.  This forum is filled with posts about this, and it happened to me as well many years ago.  But CBD oil won't get you stoned, and that's what's used for sleeping.  Now, smoking pot does make some people tired and they go to sleep.  For others it actually stimulates them because being stoned is really fun and who wants to go to sleep when you're having fun?  I was like that -- when it was good I stayed up until the high wore off because I liked being stoned -- that's why I got high, not to just waste it by going to sleep.  Others would smoke and nod off in a second.  Just depends on the person.  So you aren't taking THC, you're using marijuana, which as with all plants has all kinds of things in it.  The THC gets you high.  CBD seems to act on serotonin.  The brain is wired for cannabinols, so pot is very natural to it.  How you'll respond is a very individual thing and also changes over time -- almost everyone I know who smoked when young stopped because they started getting anxious as they aged when they used it.  Some didn't and kept using it.  You'll only find out by using it, but again, in the 60's when I was young, the people who got paranoid on it the easiest were the ones who were afraid that would happen.  So if you're afraid it will happen, it probably will -- pot just intensifies whatever you're thinking about or doing.  So for you, I'd look into CBD oil, not pot.
And let me add, while active marijuana can help you sleep, it can also leave you feeling a bit hungover the next day if you get stoned enough, as with any other drug that gets you high.
And one further point -- no, it's probably not dangerous for mental health.  Life is dangerous for mental health and pot intensifies life.  In and of itself it's one of the more benign substances out there provided you don't get anxious while smoking it and you're not prone to getting an anxiety disorder, which is required for you to develop a long-term problem from it.  Most people just didn't use it anymore.  Only those with a propensity to an anxiety disorder had a problem that extended to when there weren't stoned.  Frankly, eating too many potatoes is more dangerous for you but that's a different issue altogether.  Again, given you have a strong fear of bad things happening, I'd avoid the psychoactive version.
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Yes and no it depends I used to smoke weed all the time until I had these and then I quit because I thought her making me worse but once I get better learn how to cope with it then I can smoke weed and be alright but anxiety comes out of nowhere doesn't give you no signs like a heart attack but you're not going to die from anxiety it's harmless it feels like you want to die or you going to but just tell yourself you'll be alright you're not going to die. You haven't beforebut yes we are supposed to help depend on what kindI learned to just talked myself out of it that I'm okay and I take Xanax and that's it for when I do have one it's fast-acting but I take Dan 5556 40s and that seams two do good long term so I don't have to take as many xanex but my axsiaty got so bad my vision would start scitering chest pains difficulty breathing difficult doing things are working playing on phones even bathing showering using talking to anybody I used to climb and chew on my self  lots of problems with tingling numbness in your hands and feet and quite a bit of rapid heartbeat  and awful smells so strong and nobody everybody's all I can smell that you're tripping but I've been there I got through it and I learn how to cope and got better with it if you need me to explain more that's fine back when it happens tell yourself you're not going to die it's not a heart attack that's what made me go two er 3 4 times a week LOL
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Most important thing to do is do not get scared it will make it 10 times worse there's no reason to be scared you'll be all right
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