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Is it anxiety?

Ok, so I've been battling anxiety since I was like 14 years old. My anxiety is super interesting because I get actual symptoms and then I start to worry more and make those little symptoms a big deal. But now I actually feel bad, I feel this uncomfortable feeling in my head, and I'm dizzy almost every day, also I feel like my legs are tingling, I've visited my doctor a lot of times these past three months because I've been feeling like this, and they dont give me real anwsers, I'm honestly tired of feeling like this and the doctors always telling me is anxiety or I just need to be more healthy, when in reality I know deep inside that is something more
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Oh, I'm really sorry to hear you are dealing with this.  Anxiety is terrible and certainly challenges us!  You've been to a doctor and expressed your symptoms of the head issues, dizziness, tingling? While that sounds neurological, it also sounds like your doctor has examined you and can find no reason like that to blame this on.  And that you AND the doctor feels it is associated with your anxiety?  Let me ask you some simple questions.  How is your sleep? Getting enough hours?  How is your stress level? What is your exercise routine like?  Any neck or shoulder injuries? Any inner ear issues?  Okay, you may not know that but a sign of that besides tingling, dizziness, etc. is something I call ear fullness.  It feels full.  That's the only way I can describe it.  Also ear ringing is another sign.  Sometimes intermittent hearing issues like not hearing high pitch tones or having everything be more muffled are all signs of an inner ear issue.  
So, I'm just trying to run through some ideas to make sure of before Anxiety gets all the blame.

Otherwise, you should treat this as any other anxiety issue.  Treating it.  That includes talking to a doctor specifically about anxiety.  Someone who specializes in mental health would e idea. But I know I have to start with my primary care giver for insurance.  You can also and should also see a psychologist/counselor for coping strategies and to help determine the origin if possible of your anxiety.  Triggers, etc. can be uncovered.  I'd start to keep a journal now documenting when it happens, what proceeds it nd look for any patterns.  Anxiety is treatable. And I guess I should throw this in.  Everyone has anxiety to some extent.  When someone needs help for it in my opinion is when it begins to interfere with daily life on a regular basis.  Then it is time to do your best to kick anxiety out of your life!  
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You don't say exactly what your doctor has done, only that he says it's anxiety.  Regular docs aren't actually trained in diagnosing mental illness all that much, but they do know how to give you blood tests and lots of other tests to rule out physiological problems and usually would have to send you to specialists even for that.  The number of things that can cause the symptoms you describe are too many to list here, but include thyroid problems, blood sugar problems, vascular disorders such as cause migraines, nutrient deficiencies such as magnesium, Vitamin D -- a lot of possibilities.  When anxiety causes, say, dizziness, it isn't usually there all the time the way you describe it, it's usually there at the time you're feeling very anxious or following a bout of anxiety.  Don't know at all what's going on, but also don't know how much of an examination you've gotten.
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