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Is there an expert board to ask questions on IBS or anxiety?

Is there an expert board to ask questions on IBS or anxiety? If so where do I post my question so an expert can really?
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There are no experts on this website.  Years ago there were doctors on here, but not now, so it's just folks trying to help one another here.  That doesn't mean there isn't a lot of experience dealing with this stuff here, but we're not experts.  If you want to ask a question, just post one the way you posted this one.  But if you're looking to talk to a physician or therapist you will need to go see one of those.
Thanks you! Yes I used to come on this forum when there was a separate section with “experts” but the community board were equally has helpful. Helped me through some difficult times.
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Hi,  so, what is your question? We'll try to help!  
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