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Is this my anxiety or?

Hi. So I'm a 18 year old girl and I've been told by my doctor that I have anxiety. I've just started to see a psychologist to help me get through this. I've always been an anxious person since I was a kid and this summer I woke up with what my mother called a panic attack, with my heart racing, I was really nauseous and couldn't breath I though I was having an heart attack and that I'd die. I've felt more anxious that the usual since then, everytime I get some "sympton" I search the internet and I get afraid that I have some disease or that I'm having some attack and that I'll die. I've got good hours and bad hours and they change every time. About 4 months ago or so I couldn't sleep at night, I spent hours without sleeping and some nights I didn't sleep at all because I was afraid and I felt like I couldn't breath and I wouldn't go to sleep before checking my tension.

I've always been afraid of the night and the dark for no apparent reason and I have lots of nightmares where I'm chased in the dark and can't come home. I went to the doctor and he told me I had anxiety and that I should use medication when I couldn't sleep. Every two weeks I go to my father's home with him and my sister and the trip takes about a 1h or 1/2h by car. I can't go without feeling really anxious I always have to open the window and close my eyes and listen to music so time goes faster.
One time my head felt so weird I thought I was going insane I felt I was losing my mind and didn't belong to this world and I can't explain it right.

I can now sleep better and without the pills but my issue is now every single day at afternoon, usually starting at 14h/15h I feel so tired. My head feels heavy, my eyes feel pressured like I can't focus or that I'm not really seeing what's in front of me. I've got small headaches and the top of my head feels like it's beeing squeezed, I have this sensation when it feels like someone's sticking needles in it. I've also had pain in my back, most of it in the shoulder blades's area or in the bottom of my neck.

This is affecting my life a lot since I'm always picking up my sister at 16, 17h and as I'm walking I feel really dizzy and drowsy and like I'm not there or that I'm gonna faint. When I get home I can't seem to to anything because I have this weird sensation in my head and my eyes and it feels like I can't understand people or following the conversation they're having with me. I sleep well, have a sleep routine so why am I feeling like this? I'm afraid I have some tumor or disease and I always end up looking for answers in the internet please help me
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Magnesium is very important, and a sign you're not eating enough green leafy vegetables.  The reason I asked about diet is the symptom of fading -- this is often caused by not eating frequently enough, or eating too many empty calories, or eating something you don't digest well or are allergic to.  A complete work-up, which most doctors are reluctant to do, would really get into whether you might have hormonal problems or a chronic low level infection of some kind or blood sugar problems -- all things that can cause this fading out.  It's tough to do, but essential to rule out physiological causes so you don't waste your time on an emotional illness you don't have.  But assuming thorough testing would rule out anything, make sure your psychologist is one who specializes in treating anxiety.  Do you exercise regularly?  And have you ever looked into meditation?  
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I just want to say firstly that your situation sounds a lot like mine. I am 20, and for the past eight months I have had severe anxiety usually focusing on my health. I have thought that I was dying of heart attacks dozens of times this past month, and the anxiety has been constant and unbearable at times like you said, but at others okay.
After having been to the Doctors many times, all so far being fine, I think all we can do is stay positive and in the moment, and not about the 'what ifs' which I (maybe you) struggle with in regards to my health or surroundings.
Panic attacks are no fun at all, and some have even lead to me pulling over on motorways etc. just to attempt to calm myself down. All you can do in the moment is tell yourself you ARE fine, and that you CAN do this.
It is so easy to focus on one thing, fixate, and then create a problem. Just try your hardest not to let it rule your life.
Hope you feel better soon :)
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What's your diet like?  When was your last physical?  
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Hi, first of all thanks for answering. My diet is normal I guess, I eat a bit of everything and I'm not overweight or underweight. Couple months ago I went to the doctor and he checked my vital signs and did a blood test that came up normal. The only thing he told me to have is magnesium supplements.
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