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Is this really anxiety??????

Hi,  I have posted here before.  I am still a bit scared.  This has been going on for a little over 4 months now.  Started with some racing heart one night.  Next day i didnt feel well.  Abdominal pains all over.  Was prescribed some aciphex for acid reflux.  Didnt really help.  Two days later went to er because i was having chest pains. Did a EKG, bloodwork, chest xray.  All were fine.  They said Gerd and anxiety.  Since then i have been to the er for total of 5 times for chest pain,  everything was normal.  Treadmill stress test, endoscopy, Mri of c-spine, coronary calcium screening (scored 0).  Numerous bloodworks, xrays, Ct scan of abdomen and pelvis.  All were normal besides a few small issues that i probably would have never found out about without these tests.  The pains i have had are usually very localized.  They never travel from chest to jaw or chest to arm or such.  They are usually sharp or a throbbing pain.  usually lasting only a few seconds at a time.  But they do come back many times everyday.

I have had chest, neck, arms, hands, legs, headaches, finger pains, jaw, toothaches, bottom of feet.  I do admit at the beginning and up until a month ago or so i was having serious anxiety issues with all of this.  I have probably been to the multiple dr. visits 30 or so times in 4 months.  

The last serious anxiety attack i had was one month ago.  I started feeling kind of weird so i sat down and didnt feel quite right so i stood up and walked away.  My heart started racing super fast.  My left arm went numb and had some tunnel vision for a few secs.   My boss called 911.  by the time they got there i felt better.  My HR and BP were down and the numbness went away.  Since then i have felt mentally fine but am still having all the pains i have described.

I dont feel anxious anymore but still have the pains.  I usually dont have anypains when i am busy.  Usually when i am less busy i have these.  I can go out and pushmow the yard when its 100 degrees out and be totally pain free.  But when i take a break and sit down within a while my pains will reapppear.    

I am currently on xanax and some BP meds.  Seen a counselor a couple of weeks ago but do not get to see a real therapist until end of september.  I really dont think this is anxiety but i guess that is part of the process.

Please if you have any ideas please post them.
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I have had trouble with anxiety for years. I had the chest pains, the racing heart, & the tunnel vision. I started getting it at work one day. I had a lot of stress & other things going on in my life at the time. I was just standing there at the register one day & just spaced out. I completely forgot where I was or what I was doing. Then my heart started to race & my chest started to hurt. I seriously felt like I was dying. I went home early that day & ended up taking leave from work as it got worse & ended up not going back just because I was afraid I would go through that again. I got prescribed for anxiety medicine & it really helped, but now it has started to come back a bit since I stopped taking it before I was supposed to. In a way what you are saying sounds like anxiety. I just didn't have as many of your symptoms so I'm really not sure. Once you take your medicine longer & go to a therapist see how things go & if it helps then it was anxiety. I went to a therapist too & she was great. It helped me so much. Good luck!
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Please if anybody has anything to add please do!  I am scared out of my mind!
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Please don't be scared. You need to read a book called "self help for your nerves". By Dr Claire Weekes. It is such a comforting book to read. It was originally written in the 60s and I am yet to find a more worthwhile book to read.
Anxiety is an amazing thing. The physical symptoms are huge. Your inner brain, (fight or flight) instinct self preservation part takes over your outer brain. Your logical brain. Basically when your nerves are exhausted your physcal body starts to react. Your wires get crossed and it sends out a message that you have something to be affraid of when in actual fact there is nothing to fear but the fear itself. I have had dreadful symptoms. My heart does all different things. Sometimes it feels like it stops then takes off and I get a bizaar feeling rush all over me and feel woozy. I get bad pains in my chest and tummy. Aches and pains everywhere.Your body actually fires off adrenaline when it feels like it, hence your fear for no reason. Our minds start to look for what is causing the fear. For me I got a palpitation so I tend to have a phobia of a heart attck etc. Your body needs to be soothed. Just think the more you relax yourself your symptoms will soon get weaker and eventually go. Try and remember your healthy. Its the fear created in your mind that is causing the fear. Xanax is good for me. I dont take it everyday but you may need to for a while to get your bofy remembering that your ok. The longer your body feels relaxed the memory of panic slows. Its a subconsciouse memory that whn you feel it begin just laugh and have sympathy for yourself in that your body does need a break.
The physical symptoms of anxiety can happen when you are relaxed. Remember your nerves are worn out and need to slowly restore their energy. So your hear can flip, you can get pains etc until you are totally well again and you can get well again. I am on the road to recovery myself. The best way I think and this is in the book is to keep yourself occupied with small duties. Simple duties like the washing. I loved cleaning the car. Cleaning the house. Getting into shops was hard but I assurd myself I am not physically sick, I just need to relax. So thats ok. Gardening is also another good one. I love to paint but its taking a while there, as soon as I do something that is too medative, I start to focus on pains etc. So lots of little jobs and a Xanax when you need does wonders for me. By all means make sure you get a dr to reassure you that your fine. I have been to cardiologists and it helps to hear the pro tell you your fine but you must believe them. Anxiety can come form depression and poor self esteem which I believe mine did so I am seeing a doc this week to see if an antideppresent that is anxiety focused may be better for me to take for now. I am stuck at home with three babies which doesnt help as some days I tend to convince myself that I might faint when they are in the bath etc etc etc etc could go on and on. But please get hold of that book. There is another one, her second book called more help for your nerves too. Check ebay OK!!!
If your worrying take a Xanax and a rest!!!
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PS a feeling of unreality, of not being a part of what is happening around you is a major symptom of anxiety. Thats because the blood from your logical brain has gone to your inner instinct brain thinking you have to prepare to fight or flight haha.. I did absolutely hate this symptom argghhhhh... but just laugh at yourself and think well, I am not going to let you win...
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sorry to hear your having a hard time at the mo but as the doc has done numerous tests on you and they have all come back clear it is proberly safe to say this is anxiety.  The brain is an amazing thing, it can cause us to feel so many different things in times of anxiety and panic... wish it didn't but sadly it does and pain is one of them.  

You say it mostly happens when your not busy, this would indicate that while your busy you are not thinking or looking out for the pain, your mind is concentrating on other things, but once you have finished you divert your attention back to yourself and become anxious, looking out for any signs that the pain will return and because you are anxious the pain returns which in return makes you anxious.. it's a vicious cycle.

It's best to try and accept the doctors diagnosis that it is anxiety, you'll proberly find that only when you really accept the diagnosis will the pain start to fade and go.  When you get them if you try to take no notice of it, it may settle, hence not feeding the fire so to speak.

I really hope this has been of help, i suffer from anxiety and panic as well so i know the vicious cycle that occurs...it's not nice and i wish you all the luck in the world.  Take care x

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Thanks Julie.  I am really trying to accept the docs answer.  It is a tough go!  I went and saw a counselor and that helped for a little bit.  I cant get another appt until late sept. and i am moving in 1 week.  so it will probably be quite sometime to see another one.  In the time being i am going to see a cardiologist one more time this tuesday.  I will probably get  another clean bill of health once again.

Well thanks to all.

If you have anymore to add please do!
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I strongly agree with Julie359...  I've had similar anxiety problems in the past.  I've been over a year now without an attack.  True, i'll have the occasional flare-up now and then, but no more attacks.

Here's how I broke it...  Like Julie said, it's a cycle.  It starts when you're not busy, right? So, there lies the solution.  Get busy.  If you start feeling a little nervous, go walking.  It's a great stress reliever, especially when done on a daily basis.  It doesn't have to be a great distance, just once or twice around your block if you have one.  Got an iPod or something? Take it with you! :)  Your conscience mind can NOT think of 2 separate thoughts at a time.  It's like trying to say 2 words at the same time.  So get your mind thinking of something else.  Turning on the TV and flipping through the channels won't do it.  You can see an image for a microsecond that can re-trigger your fears.  Do you play an instrument?  Go practice if you can... go play a challenging video game.  Just do something that takes a conscience effort to accomplish.

One last tip that has worked for me... get off the forums... :)  Don't google symptoms.  Listen to your doctors.  This is what they do.  When you get online, you start searching for a way to relieve your anxiety.  In doing so, you're consciensely saying, "I'm worried, how can i not be worried?"  (i know, it's a quick watered-down explaination)  By asking yourself the question, you're feeding the problem, and restarting the cycle.  You have to just make yourself say... "I'm feeling a little nervous... oh look, it's a nice day outside, time for a walk!"  

These are just things that have worked for me.  And when I kept saying "you" it was meant in a more general reference.  Everyone needs to find their own escape hatch in the anxiety cycle.

Here's a site that lists a few symptoms of anxiety... I about kicked myself when I saw it. :)  You'll see what i mean.  But when in doubt, seeing a doctor can't physically hurt you.  


Hope you feel better soon!
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Allicat77 is right about the book.  Claire Weekes has several helpful books out there.  She's not just saying that because she's an Aussie. ;)

I read that same book and it was very good.

I have had all of those symptoms, well all have had many of them....and we ALWAYS ask the same question:  "Is this really anxiety?"  And no matter how many times someone will tell you "Yes it is," it's something you have to figure out on your own.  I know I didn't agree with anyone.  I was even hoping my anxiety was something TANGIBLE, even hoping "all I had" was a brain tumor.....something that could be removed or, at the very least, kill me and put me out of my misery.

But that's all it is.  "Just" anxiety.  You'll come to realize that.
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I did go and see a cardio doc at the beginning of the month.  Once again all checked out ok.  Had a ekg (normal), ECHO (normal), corotid doppler (normal), CT angiogram (normal for my age).  Having these tests come back normal has really given me good peace of mind.  The only problem is i am still in pain.  Same as before.  Would like to know what the problem is.
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