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Is upping Klonopin the best solution for a resurgence of anxiety?

I presently take 1.25 mg. of klonopin daily. I also take 60 mg. Celexa (maxed out). Did well until this past April when I retired. Anxiety has been off and on. Winter has been horrible. I have three choices. Add buspar(trying this first), switch to Cymbalta or increase my Klonopin. I originally started out at 2mgs of Klonopin many years ago, so I haven't built tolerance quickly. I actually lowered my dose a few years back. What Is considered a large dose? I don't like taking benzos, but I wanna live my best life. Welcome all opinions!
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Nobody really knows, but benzo relief is temporary.  It only works as long as the drug lasts in your system and it only works until, as with all addictive drugs, you need more to get the same effect.  Antidepressants, when they work, work all the time.  Not sure Cymbalta is the right med for you unless you suffer from depression and that's causing the anxiety.  The fact it's worse in the winter might actually be a sign of depression more than anxiety, depending on what's going on with you.  I'd personally look into a different SSRI if you haven't tried them all yet, such as Zoloft.  Cymbalta is in a category of more stimulating antidepressants, so while some do get relief others get increased anxiety from them.  I'd also personally look into the tricyclics as well if you've used up all the SSRIs for the same reason, although side effects of tricyclics can be really annoying to many.  There are several SSRIs, they all work differently targeting different ways to effect serotonin, so they're not all the same.  If you've tapped out on the Celexa, I'd suggest, slowly taper off of it as slowly as you need to until you're past any withdrawal problems and then try a different SSRI unless, again, you've used all of them already.  Peace.
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I should add, and this has been said in your other post, if the anxiety increase is a direct result of retirement, have you sought out therapy to deal with this change?  When a specific event increases anxiety, that can happen to anyone, and even if you do take a new med you'll still benefit by trying to learn to deal with your new life.  Time might fix this.  All the best.
I agree. It seems like change or stressors tend to bring anxiety. It does go away in time. Problem is handling it while it's here.
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