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Just need some reassurance

So here it is day 10 of me taking effexor xr. And I know it's probably "crunch time" (right about the middle of start up side effects) but I'm getting fed up with them! I'm trying to not lose sight of the end goal, but the increased anxiety, agitation, no appetite ,no energy is wearing on me. I wanna scream. Just encouraging words would be helpful
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Stick with it and give it a fair chance to work!  It takes 6 to 8 weeks to really feel 'better' from the anxiety issue and yes, those start up side effects happen but they start up and then usually peter out.  They should become less and less really soon.  Picture how good it will be when the Effexor is up and running!  Stay busy and distract yourself.  Do something nice for yourself.  And at 6 weeks, if you are still having issues, talk to your doctor.  But hang in there!  It's all for the greater good . . .of your life!
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I have a bit of a different take.  You're posting on an anxiety forum but you're taking a medication that is one of the more stimulating antidepressants and is known to cause anxiety because of that.  Are you depressed and anxious because of that, or are you primarily anxious?  What other meds have you tried before this one?
I was prescribed it for anxiety mainly. I do have some depression. I was on Lexapro for a few years but came off of that because of the headaches stomach issues and quite frankly because it stopped working. Then cymbalta but it gave me bad thoughts, so now the effexor.
Boy, hated that head feeling from Lexapro!  Surprised though you weren't tried on a different ssri, which are less stimulating than switching to an snri.  
Nope. Straight to the effexor. Sometimes I feel that it's just a " write a script for a med and go on " mentality with these docs. I live in the south where we don't always have the best doctors. You know? Like they just have revolving doors. In and out, in and out with their patients. Overwhelmed and under staffed.
You're right, the south is worse because of the politics you have.  I live in Virginia, same thing.  Used to live in California, very different.  A very unfortunate thing I've learned about mental health treatment is that psychiatrists and psychologists who take insurance are quacks who can't get patients on their own.  The ones who can, do.
Exactly. There are only 3 places I can go to that is covered by my insurance. The one I go to is 45 minutes away from me the other 2 are over and hour each. So not many choices. And primary care docs around here won't prescribe anxiety meds because of the   high abuse rate in our area. It just sucks
I no longer see any psychiatrist who takes insurance -- one pretty much did me in.  Same with therapists.  It's sad, I'm getting on in years and decades ago almost all of these docs had sliding scales so anyone could afford to see them.  Now there are so many patients seeking help for whatever reason, and it would be good to know that reason, the ones who are good enough to get recommended by their peers don't need insurance and the lower income that comes with taking it.  
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